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  1. Get a 4 day head start on your workshop bookings ahead of the masses (8th September 2023).
  2. Strictly limited to 20 Golden Tickets
  3. You can only spend up to your $400 credit on guaranteed workshop bookings.
  4. To use a Golden Ticket you need to have bought a normal ticket for BFOP.
  5. You don’t need a Golden Ticket.
  6. Matt & Nick will use proceeds from the ticket to finance a truly outrageous afterparty for the instructors. You are paying for Miley Cyrus and Cristal Champagne.

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Don’t buy this ticket; you don’t need this ticket! But hey, if you get caught in a doom loop of anxiety worrying about missing out on that workshop that means more to you than life itself then this will at least allow you to sleep at night. It’s like Ugg Boots…you don’t need them, your friends won’t respect you for having them, but they will make you feel more comfortable. This is the ticket that guarantees you your workshop choices when you are using your credit. It’s the queue jump ticket at Disney.

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