6th-8th OCTOBER 2023








With over 2000 places on over 100 workshops with over 30 of Australia’s best photographers and instructors, across 3 days BFOP 2023 is set to be bigger, better, crazier and more chaotic than EVER!

We’re delivering you workshops in nearly every genre of photography that you can think of alongside our presentations stages and special events from our brand sponsors. If you’ve been to BFOP before you don’t need to read on, just hit the ‘checkout’ button and be done with it because you know this will be the weekend to define 2023!

More epic than epic, more splindiferous than splendid, more fun than your 8 year old party and more adventure than the Magic Pudding. Excellent instructors, great atmosphere, huge variety of styles and learning.
David Marland
Nick and Matt are clearly insane, thank god! what a brilliant festival. so much to do, so much to learn and never a dull moment! absolutely nuts. already planning next year, woot!
Kaz Childs

New to BFOP? Well what can I say? Hmmm. BFOP was born out of the love of photography, an incredible community of professional photographers and a bet Nick Fletcher made over a large quantity of beer. We’re not your regular photography festival, ditching the stuffiness and stuffing it with good old fashion fun and shenanigans whilst learning nearly anything you want to know about photography from Australia‚Äôs best. There is a main marquee that hosts presentations from our instructors from sunrise to sunset, as well as nearly 100 workshops to choose from delivered by our team of over 30 instructors. The evenings are all about community, with booze filled shenanigans, prizes, games and a whole lot of fun on the main stage of the marquee.

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