Most of these cool cats will be back 2023 plus many more!

Nick Fletcher

Founder of BFOP & epic motorbike photographer

Some call him the Godfather of BFOP but lets give credit where credit is due, this man gave BFOP life way back in 2017 and so Mother BFOP is probably a much more fitting name.

Nick is principally responsible for looking stressed and herding participants in the right direction whilst providing inspiring pep-talks to the BFOP instructor team. When Nick isn’t running festivals he’s out in the wild either photographing motorbikes or falling off them. If you see him at the brewery then he will impart his entire photographic knowledge for the price of a pint of beer. He’s a true inspiration and runs workshops not to be missed!

Matt Krumins

Director of BFOP & wildlife/underwater photographer

I’ve been in photography now for over 13 years in all kinds of environments, from underwater to aerial, international corporate and journalistic and I am truly an open book with my knowledge. I believe that everyone has the ability to create beautiful images with the right advice and a focus on simplicity. My photography workshops put the focus on real learning rather than simply getting pretty pictures, they are about showing you a different way of seeing things and giving you practical tools to capture the world around you.

So you might be wondering why my workshops are getting such a good wrap? Well, all of my photography workshops are small group environments where sharing knowledge and ideas is encouraged. I don’t take life too seriously and rather focus on fun analogies, stories and ideas that really gel with you rather than complex, forgettable tech-spec-speak. Whether you’re a beginner with your camera or an experienced enthusiast my photography workshops aim to simplify complex ideas and shift the focus away from the technical to the creative and it is evident in the reviews I receive.

To help you on your way, all of my workshops include access to our private Facebook support group where you can share your images, get feedback and grow alongside our group of dedicated and talented workshop participants. With over 2000 students and a 5 star rating my photography workshops truly do change the way you see your photography and the world around you.

Kym Vulling

Visual Artist & Event Photographer

Events Photographer and Visual Artist Kym Vulling has embraced her love of sensual connection and mixed media with a series of award-winning creative projects.

With a passion for capturing the most intimate of moments, Kym creates decadent, respectful imagery that embraces the full spectrum of sexuality and gender. Her belief that sexuality and identity should be celebrated rather than hidden inspired her to create artworks that elevate the erotic image. Through exploring sensuality in various forms, her projects delve into one of the more vulnerable and raw representations of human connection.

Kym is also the Director of Refocus Retreat – a 4-day 3-night retreat and conference for women in photography, which will be celebrating its 6th retreat in August 2023.

Mieke Boynton

Landscape & Aerial Photography

Mieke Boynton grew up in Porepunkah, where she was a child labourer in her family Winery, a member of the Mount Buffalo ski squad, and a bit of a book-worm. After undertaking a four-year rowing scholarship in the USA, becoming a teacher, competing for Australia in Bobsleigh and spending 10 years in the Kimberley, she’s now returned home to Bright to be a full-time landscape photographer.

Mieke has won a stack of awards for her landscape work, but she specialises in hanging out of helicopters and planes to take aerial photographs and three of her aerials hit the limelight in 2019 when she became the first Australian and first woman to win the prestigious Epson International Pano Awards. Mieke is a ​Master Photographer with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP), and a Grand Master Photographer in the Australian Photographic Society (APS). She has received fourteen FIAP Gold medals from the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).She has received fourteen FIAP Gold medals from the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).

Mieke and her partner Matt Palmer recently opened their “Alpine Light” gallery on the main drag (opposite the Brewery) so make sure you pop in to say hello while you’re in town!

Denis Smith

Light Painter & Olympus Visionary

Denis Smith tales his light painting seriously, but not too seriously. He believes that this incredible form of photography can expand the mind, and loosen things up. Rule of thirds? How about the rule of fun! In these crazy days of lockdowns across the globe, Denis has taken his passion for learning online creating an epic Youtube channel full of tips for beginners or light painting legends. Love, light and laughs are the mantra.

Cam Blake

Landscape Photography

Cam is our tame Taswegian. We have even had him house trained just for BFOP. He is a spectacularly accomplished landscape photographer and runs high end workshops around Australia. He also has a style we love, with longer lenses, a super eye for tone and texture, and restraint on that saturation slider….mmm lovely.

If you want to introduce a bit of subtly to your landscape photography Cam is your man! What’s more he knows Bright really well and runs a fabulous course here every year.

Craig Wetjen

Environmental Portraiture photographer & photography educator

Anyone who’s met Craig knows he is one of the most decent humans to walk this planet. If your zest for life if flagging just get a bit of Craig’s irresistible optimism.

He’s spent 36 years in the industry and been successful as a commercial, portraiture, wedding and even scientific photography, he’s even photographed for NASA! Craig doesn’t stop there though, he’s perhaps best known locally for his TV fame after publishing the Best Seller “Men and their Sheds”.

He’s an educator, mentor and advocate for professional practice within the industry for 22 year in Australia and perhaps to us most importantly a mental health advocate who brings the community together through his Photography Walks for Wellbeing group!

Tom Putt

Landscape & Aerial Photographer

For the past 20 years I’ve been fortunate enough to follow my passion – fine art landscape photography.
Driven by my desire to showcase the beauty of the landscape, I spend many months of every year creating new photographs for upcoming limited and open edition prints and book projects. My drive is to showcase the immense beauty and variety of Australia by bringing his art into every home and office. In doing so, I hope to highlight the importance of protecting what we are so lucky to call our home. And for my artwork to bring people together; to get them talking to one another, challenging their visual perceptions and levels of interpretation, on a deeper and more spiritual level.

Louise Sedgman

Equine photographer

Louise describes herself as a mum of two beautiful girls, a wife, a business woman, a daughter, a horsewoman and slightly creative nut living in Drouin, Victoria. At BOFP, we would also like upgrade ‘creative nut’ to straight out crazy! They say never work with animals and children and this incredible photographer does both! She’s hugely talented, multi-awarded and runs workshops and tutoring throughout West Gippsland!  

Karl Ludik

Food Photography

Karl is a four time BFOP vet and the ex-Olympus Professional Photography Manager, a tragic golfer, always-injured long distance runner, keen chef and consumer of whatever he plates up for the camera, lover of ‘Fresh Pow’, composer of weak dad jokes, educator concerning all things photographic, and lately, a devoted grandfather. His many online courses have been consumed by hundreds of Olympus devotees during isolation and now he’s the content creator and National Trainer for Tefal and Groupe SEB, the world’s largest cookware and home care company!

Adrian Whear

Street Photography

My name is Adrian Whear (FAPS) from Melbourne, Australia with a strong interest in the street and documentary genre. I am not a street photographer that has studied the works of the renown pioneers of the genre, nor have I completed a photography qualification. Simply I am mostly a self-taught amateur photographer. First and foremost, I just love walking the streets and alleys of my hometown Melbourne and its inner suburbs. If I happen to get some reasonable frames during these walks, then all the better. As a street photographer my ultimate aim is to capture an ordinary everyday scene but to show it in an extraordinary way. Finalist: 2019 Aussie street. People’s choice award – Shot in the Heart of Melbourne exhibition, 3rd Place – Snapped photography compettiion, City of Melbourne, Exhibited photo – In the Shadows, Victorian Archives; FIAP and PSA gold medalist. Australian Association of Street Photographers (AASPI) – committee member.

Keren Dobia Headshot for BFOP Australia

Keren Dobia

Portrait Photographer & Print Specialist

Keren Dobia 2019 AIPP Victorian Photographer of the Year, portrait photographer and a creator of theatrical photographic images. Heavily influenced by her background in the visual arts, her work often blurs the line between photography and illustration. Keren’s unique and distinctive portraiture attracts commissions equally from advertising agencies, theatre performers as well as public care providers. With industry recognized post production skills Keren now lectures at Melbourne Polytechnic and RMIT alongside running her business producing her creative and commercial work.

Charlie Brown

Landscape & Sports Photographer

I’ve shot so many different things that it’s hard to remember, sports, sailing, animals, food, interiors, super yachts, portraits and all sorts of other stuff but I mostly remember that it’s been a blast and taken me all around the world 🙂

Vicki Bell

Portrait and Fine Art photographer

Vicki Bell is a Melbourne based portrait and fine art photographer with an extensive career spanning 30 years. Vicki is a passionate educator and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Certificate IV  in Training and Assessment.
She is currently a lecturer at Collarts in Melbourne as well as operating her photographic portrait business..
Vicki is an Aipp Master II Photographer and Aipp judge. Throughout the years Vick has achieved numerous AIPP awards. In 2020 Vicki won two 1st place categories in the  Rise International Photography Awards. Vicki’s fun energy, quirkiness, and enthusiasm for all things photography is contagious. 🙂

Adam Dyson

Waterfall & Landscape Photographer

Hi i’m Adam, A Melbourne, Victoria based photographer and content creator. I have a passion for landscape and long exposure photography. I love nothing more than escaping the major cities and finding beautiful images. 

After completing a Bachelor of Film production in 2012 I found shooting single still images very rewarding and somewhat more exciting over shooting moving pictures. I use a combination of traditional in-camera techniques and advanced post processing to create realistic yet surreal images. Every image I take I am trying to show the world through my eyes, bright colours, glassy water and beautiful light. 🙂

Naomi Sherman

Food Photographer

Naomi Sherman, (AKA The Food Whisperer) is a food photographer and stylist who creates culinary artistry in her studio located in Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley.

A firm believer that any food can be beautiful, Naomi loves to show you how a few simple tricks can give any dish a glow up.

Her recipes and photos can be seen in magazines around the world and she loves to share her secrets with fellow foodies and photographers.

The author of award-winning cookbook Edible Heirlooms, Naomi mentors students in the secrets of creating scroll-stopping photos in her online masterclass; The Business of Edible Images

Mark Watson

Extreme Sports Photographer

I am an image maker, storyteller, content creator and accidental adventurer. I am one of the privileged few whose vocation allows me to venture to remote and spectacular locations around the globe. But the cold hard facts are I am no big wall climber or hardcore alpine mountaineer, nor am I a platinum frequent flyer with a suit in one bag and snowboard in the other. I am in no-mans land, somewhere in between.

I am a professional happy snapper, writer, travel bum, salt water addict and sponsored photographer. I’m a wannabe coffee snob and I overuse the term ‘happy days.’

I was born and bred on a wild coast of the driest continent on the planet, where mountains are of liquid form, moulded by the cold winds of Southern Australian winters colliding with the great ocean swells of the Pacific Ocean. My childhood uniform consisted of wetsuit and board rather than camera and film or ice-axe and crampons.

My parents instilled in me a love of Australia’s vast deserts, then the power of Southern Ocean before I discovered the silence of Australia’s Alpine wilderness. They all ignited an awe of mother nature and her offerings.

Along the way I studied biomedical and forensic photography, I collected a degree … I worked in a hospital… for a month.

The adventurous souls I collided with convinced me to explore the fascinating world of adventure sport and our natural world through image making. I soon concocted projects, assignments & goals, all the while commissions surged from private clients.

Somebody, somewhere noticed my work and brands I revered offered sponsorship. My sponsor family grew. I don’t know if I am deserving of such fortune, but I will ride the wave whilst it will have me.

My photography spans editorial & commercial. I tell stories through imagery for brands and global companies all whilst feeding a passion for fusing photos with the written word through commissioned editorial.

I explore motion picture, I am in awe of the power of motion storytelling.

More than a decade in and I still have too much to learn.

Some label me a commercial photographer, others a documentary photojournalist… I remain unconvinced of either. My world see-saws between commissions both home and abroad while personal projects grow in scale on a notepad. I challenge myself with high-end studio projects before boarding a plane to a frozen Arctic Tundra.

By and large, commissions revolve around environment; A world of winter and summer.

It is a spectacular playground Mother Nature provides, and she is often the true hero.

Capturing energy balanced with the grandeur of some locales does not always come easily… Mother Earth can be harsh. But I have gathered from experts or learned the long way, just how to get the job done.

The side effect of imagery, documentary & exploration is a continual search for excuses to venture to inspiring destinations, even when sometimes it does not make sense. But the upside is I get to explore imagery for a living, tell stories and document remarkable cultures, people and brands . All immersed within a majestic landscape, sometimes natural sometimes man made,

And along the way, and most importantly, “I get to Live!”

Karen Alsop

Photographic Digital Artist

Karen Alsop is an international award winning Australian, Melbourne based photographic digital artist. Expanding on two decades of photographic and graphic design experience, Karen brings photography and art together to create stunning artworks that tell a story and take the viewer into another world.

Jean-Pierre Ronco

Sports Photographer / Bright Local

In 2013, Jean-Pierre majored in Commercial Photography at Photography Study College based in Melbourne. Embracing the photographic industry, Jean-Pierre has succeeded to bring his work to a professional standard. A member of the Australia Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) for the last 10 years, Jean-Pierre has been able to work in different fields such as event-sport photography, photojournalism, commercial photography, food photography, real estate photography, weddings & landscapes. In 2014, Jean-Pierre moved to Bright in High Country Victoria, the perfect place in Australia for photographers. Finding slowly his place in this great new community, Jean-Pierre is currently working with local businesses, the Alpine Shire and he is still following his passion for sport and cycling collaborating often with Cycling Victoria and Cycling Australia. In 2018, Jean- Pierre started to share his photography knowledge through workshops to help people to have a better understanding of their cameras and photography. Jean-Pierre always brings the best in his photography making to the people and companies he works with, and he is always kind to communicate his passion to others.

Jessica Shepherd

Outdoor Portrait Photographer

I would consider my style to be dreamy, a healing experience, realistic, full of love and laughter, highlighting womens empowerment, highlighting self love, sometimes whimsical, sometimes raw & bohemian. 
I am inspired by what it means to be woman. What it means to be human. What it means to be connected with a higher power than myself. I am inspired by love, emotions of all kinds, releasing and acknowledging past hardships and present. I am inspired by the little things, the minor details. By nature, and all its perfect imperfections. Relating nature with us as people, seeing the energies that flow between us all. I am inspired by travel photographers, telling stories. Im inspired by what it truly means to be in the present moment. Challenging my beliefs. 

Bruce Moyle

Abstract Photographer

Bruce Moyle is a fine art photographer based in Launceston, Tasmania. His work explores human emotions via abstract images that combine portraiture, long and multiple exposures in a combination of traditional and digital processes. Bruce is never one to truly assign an outcome to what the viewer should feel when taking in his work but loves to see the grey, the different, the texture of everyone’s experience. His work has been exhibited internationally and locally in Australia, and a variety of companies has commissioned him.When not working on art, he works as a commercial photographer and cinematographer. He love coffee and learning crazy weird colour science theory (the rabbit hole is deep and very colourful).Bruce lives in Launceston with his partner Tiarne and daughter Ebony

Aaron Walker


When engaging with your project Aaron brings with his photography skills a wealth of professional experience in performance, choreography and design. From a large scale production promotional shoot to a single artists portrait your project will become a visual collaboration created from a unique skill set honed within the arts industry. The main goal of working on a project with you is to make a strikingly fresh outcome that will transport and inspire the viewer.

Originally from London, Aaron ran away with the circus after completing a BA in Circus Arts and Theatre Practice to become an aerial acrobat touring the world for a decade. His love of travel and working alongside physically dynamic artists led to a deep passion in capturing these moments with a creative photography practice that celebrates the power and uniqueness of the physical form. Since settling in Melbourne Aaron has been an aerial coach at the National Institute of Circus Arts, completed a BD in Graphic Design at Swinburne University and became an award winning graduate of the Advanced Diploma course at the Photography Studies College. 

As a photographer he has built a reputation as a portrait and events photographer, working with a wide range of clients spanning visual and performing arts groups, government and not for profit organisations and the retail sector. 

Matt Irwin


Matt Irwin has been a working photographer since 1990. In that time he has covered almost every type of photography imaginable.

Matt splits his time between publishing his own works as originals, books, calendars, prints and more.

His professional clients, who range from advertising agencies, government departments, local government and business of all sizes. Including commercial artwork fit-outs all over Australia.

A career highlight was receiving a Melbourne Award for his individual contribution to the City of Melbourne.

He is also creating content for his growing Youtube channel which covers a wide range of behind the scenes and insights to how his work is actually created. Also covering the gear, and the industry as a whole. 

Matt has collaborated with a broad selection of clients including Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Hunters & Collectors, Kaz Cooke, Barry Jones, Myer, David Jones, Docklands Studios, BMW, IKEA, RACV, Nikon, Qantas, Crawford Productions, NEC, Fender Katsalidis, Electrolight, Saatchi & Saatchi, University of Melbourne, Monash University, Victorian College of the Arts, Swinburne University of Technology, City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip, City of Glen Eira, City of Darebin, City of Hume, City of Yarra, National Trust of Australia, Museum Victoria, State Library of Victoria, State Government of Victoria, Parliament House Victoria, Victorian Tourism Commission, Victorian State Trustees, Australian Federal Police, Accor, Grand Hyatt, IHG, Park Hyatt, Parkroyal, Sofitel, St Paul’s Cathedral, Yoralla, Melbourne Airport and more.  

Matt loves creating, telling stories, and sharing your dreams and his dreams with the world.  

Christopher Hopkins


Christopher Hopkins is a freelance visual journalist from Australia.

Born and raised in rural Victoria, Australia, Chris travelled extensively internationally for six years before embarking on a photographic career. After graduating from college in 2010, Chris’ creative and intuitive eye saw him hired by Australia’s largest mastheads, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

In 2012 he documented the lives of second-generation Agent Orange victims in Vietnam and was awarded the Walkley slideshow prize. Covering this story would lead to a deeper sense of purpose for his photography. He has since gone on to cover humanitarian issues globally with the intent to bring human rights issues to the forefront of public awareness.

Chris aims to open a dialogue into the issue he is documenting. His imagery seeks to ask questions of the audience whilst providing an empathetic connection to the subject. Highly active in the mental health space, much of his project work examines the relationship between those living with mental health issues and their environment, exploring how systemic and societal custom inform our perceptions of these marginalised groups.

Chris’ work features in publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Jakarta Globe, The Irish Times, and for UNHCR and Amnesty International.

Chris is a two-time Walkley winner (2018 – Photographic Essay, 2020 – Photo of the Year) and in 2021 was awarded 2nd Place by Pictures of the Year International (POYi) in the Daily Life category.

His work with central African victims of combat trauma was recognized as a finalist in the 2015 United Nations Media Awards, and his series Home[Less] was a finalist in the 2017 Amnesty International Media Awards; two of several honors and commendations his work has earned from POYi, The Walkley Foundation for Journalism, Amnesty International, The National Portrait Prize and the Pacific Asia Newspaper Awards. 

He is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Paula Mahony

Fine Art Photographer

Mahoney uses performative photography and portraiture to explore the relationship between personal loss, our history and how grief can echo in the Australian landscape as an absence.
Mahoney holds a PhD at Monash University, ‘Using Photography as an Analogy in the Experience of Death and Mourning’. She received the inaugural Wai Tang Commissioning Award at MGA and two Highly Commended in the Olive Cotton Award. Her work is held in public and private collections in Australia, and in private collections in UK and USA.

Team Nikon

Julie Kimpton

Professional Markets Manager – Nikon

Adrian Bloink

Training Manager – Nikon

Chris Dalton

Professional & Commercial Sales Manager – Nikon

Team OM Systems

Aaron Harivel

Product and Sales Specialist – OM Digital Solutions


The team cocking things up at BFOP headquarters!

Nick Fletcher

BFOP Director & Founder

Matt Krumins

BFOP Director

Wesley Moss

BFOP Podcast expert & photography enthusiast

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