Updated 06/09/2023

Portrait Photography Workshops

Environmental Portrait Workshop in a Gold Mine!

with Craig Wetjen

Whether you like gold or not, hang on who doesn’t like Gold. Come and visit Bright’s only working gold mine run by Bright local Pod.  Join Craig Wetjen’s Environmental Portrait Workshop.
This workshop focuses on the details of getting the most out of your photoshoot focusing on details and most importantly the most out of your subject. This workshop will be a fun hands-on experience. Attendees will discover an understanding of the basic principles of lighting utilising off camera flashes for an environmental portrait, the importance of photographing details and creating a connection with the subject.

Stumbling around in the dark taking portraits

with Glynn Lavender

Don’t let the sun going down spoil your photo fun.

Come and join us on a fun filled photo walk of Bright using streetlights, shop lights and LED lighting to create interesting portraits long after the sun has gone.

We’ll explore the town and learn to use the lighting available to create strong portraits and we will also play with colour and lighting by adding our own light through LED lighting.

Great Portraits In Shit Locations

with Glynn Lavender

One of the biggest pressures we put on ourselves as portrait photographers is location, location, location.

Come along on this fabulous walk of downtown Bright and learn how just about anywhere can be a great location for a portrait shoot. A lot of the learning in this session is about how lenses SEE so please bring all the lenses you have.

The Stockwood Gunsmith Environmental Portrait Workshop

with Craig Wetjen

Embark on a captivating journey at The Stockwood Gunsmith Environmental Portrait Workshop, where the fusion of artistry and photographic craftsmanship unveils the extraordinary through capturing and Environmental Portrait.

Delve into the world of wooden gunstock artistry under the expert guidance of Craig Wetjen and globally renowned gunsmith artisan Roger Vardy. This workshop isn’t just about guns; it’s about sculpting light, craftsmanship and photography.

This immersive workshop experience transcends traditional photography. Unleash your creativity through a hands-on session, discovering the intricate interplay of flash photography and environmental portraiture. Beyond technicalities, this workshop delves into the essence of a visual narrative, magnifying every detail and forging profound connections with your photographic subject.

Join Craig for a journey that redefines photography as an art form, where images echo with tales untold. Discover the magic where gunstocks become canvases and moments are immortalized through your photography. The Stockwood Workshop promises inspiration, creativity, and a fresh perspective in the art of visual story telling.

Shibari and Performance

with Kym Vulling

Shibari is the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage or ‘tying someone up’, and it is going to make for a very different take on an artistic shoot. By using body, movement, and rope, Kym and her fabulous models will help you create some stunning images using constant lights. Push your experience with the challenges of photographing performance, working with low and colored lighting, and capturing connection. Displaying a blend of event and portrait photography, you should walk away with some magical shots and a better understanding of an edgy and historic art form. And for the avoidance of doubt, everyone keeps their clothes on ( mostly!)

The Unicorn Warrior!

with Louise Sedgman

So we found the Unicorn, now come with me deeper into the woods to catch a glimpse of the fierce and feisty Unicorn protector. She’s ready to protect at all costs with her trusty pony by her side. A touch of tribal magic combined with the power of a warrior. An opportunity for the more advanced photographer to create powerful portraits in a natural light setting. We will cover working with models and getting expression, powerful posing, camera settings, composition and lighting as well as a bit about what’s involved in creating a dramatic, themed photo shoot. Want to know more…Join me!

Not Just A Pretty Girl - Confidence in Shooting Portraiture

with Jess Shepherd

Feeling daunted by portraiture? Love people through your lens, but unsure what to do in a portrait session? Well I’ve got some tips for you!

Join Jess and our model CJ and learn to talk to a model and how to build that photographer-model relationship to achieve better portraits.

I saw a Fairy in the Forest!

with Jess Shepherd

Shooting in more of an ethereal way, we’ll be heading out to a picturesque location to photograph our model CJ and turn her into the fairy/pixie she truly is! With portraiture being the key focus, we’ll go through some basics on how to talk to a model and how to organise such a shoot, ways to incorporate our model into the natural scene, and much more!

Using Available Light to create Mood

with Chris Hopkins

Stimulating emotion from the audience is vital to successful story-telling. A successful image will always induce some form of emotion. Whether you want the viewer to feel empathy, laugh, cry or be shocked, the lighting used will be a key element in informing this emotion and sometimes, the only tool we have. This workshop will provide an instructive session on the concepts behind creating a mood with lighting. In this session Chris will identify and share the different techniques he employs as a photojournalist to create a look and to evoke a defined emotion explaining the why and how. The workshop will have a particular emphasis on utilising the environment you find yourself in. Bring your cameras as this will be a hands on session!

Crazy, Weird and Different Portraits!

with Bruce Moyle

The sequel to 2022 sell out workshop – No Sharp Images Allowed!

This year we take mixing strobe and constant lighting with suspect camera settings to another level.

Creating photos is all too often about being perfect. Come and find out how to break some rules and create some uniquely different portraits. Try living on the edge. Make something just strange, weird and for a short time a digital mess. You can always format your cards afterwards to hide the evidence.

NOTE: Anyone with photo sensitive seizures, this probably isn’t the workshop for you sorry.

Posing Sucks!

with Joel Alston

If you’re interested in photographing weddings and elopements you need to understand how to create and capture amazing images on the fly in a fast paced environment. A portrait session is your time to show your creative flare and let’s face it, weddings never go to plan, so sometimes your time with the couple is cut and limited.

I will be teaching you how to create an environment with a couple which makes them feel comfortable to be themselves on their special day! My portrait sessions with couples are no longer than 20minutes most of the time, so let me show you my workflow and how I guide or “pose” my couples through these portrait sessions.

Capturing pretty photos is easy, but capturing photos that are authentically them takes effort, understanding, communication and time to perfect your own voice.

Unposed humans being.

Story telling through creative portraits

with Keren Dobia

Join Keren Dobia and step back in time to the golden age of Hollywood. Take a journey of storytelling through creative photographic portraits at the mount buffalo chalet. Explore Chiaroscuro and film-noir lighting techniques, to create depth and drama that will help to reveal your chosen story in your own photographic work..

Keren Dobia returns this year with her journey of storytelling. This creative photographic portrait workshop was a hit last year. This year new location and story to delve into. Explore Chiaroscuro and film-noir lighting using constant light techniques, to create depth and drama that will help to reveal your chosen story in your own photographic work.

No lighting experience, no worries! Keren will take you through step by step camera settings, lighting use and how to approach telling stories through a series of create portrait setups. 

She will bring her excitement creative eye and over the top costuming ideas to ensure your images have that creative edge.

Intimate Couples Portrait

with Kym Vulling

Ever wanted to inject a little more intimacy and connection between couples in your photography? In this outdoor shoot, using natural light and LEDS, Kym Vulling is going to show you how to develop those natural moments of connection between a couple.

You’ll dive into composition, on-the-go lighting tricks, and the art of ‘breaking’ a pose to bring out those genuine emotions. Plus, Kym will reveal how embracing a bit of moody lighting and creative direction can add an extra layer of intimacy and sensuality to your shots.

Studio Masterclass

with Anne Zahalka

Join artist Anne Zahalka for a masterclass in studio photography to learn how to get the most from models, props, lighting and backdrops. In this practical workshop Anne will share her working methods, ideas and processes as she guides you through a photoshoot in which you’ll create your own narrative in response to the backdrop Mullet Creek, Illawarra, 1853 by Conrad Martens.

Nature & Animal Photography Workshops

Taming your camera for wildlife

with Matt Krumins

Join Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year (mono) Matt Krumins for a crash course in the lesser-talked-about techniques of wildlife photography. No more ‘shutter priority mode she’ll be right’ nonsense, this workshop is all about being prepared for the moment without over complicating it. Get his tips and tricks for shooting all types of wildlife as well as hands on shooting time!

Chasing Unicorns!

with Louise Sedgman

Come with me into the forest, not too far from Bright, and find the rare and very beautiful Unicorn. Perfect for all photography levels, we will concentrate on camera settings, lighting, composition and posing of our magical unicorn. You’ll take home some stunning photos and a whole new appreciation of natural light portrait photography. I’ll also be doing a post-workshop editing demonstration via zoom the following week for those attending, showing you how to remove blemishes, lead ropes, halters and distractions etc. Who’s coming into the magical forest with me?

Sit, Stay, Snap!

with Jo Howell

Ever wondered how photographers get those amazing shots of dogs catching treats, looking dapper in wonderful lighting and how to get them looking so comfy/fluffy/handsome in front of the camera?
Then you should join this workshop!

We will cover everything from how to introduce your pooch to equipment, what are the best treats and tricks to get (and keep) your doggos attention. The camera and equipment settings and set ups to get awesome shots everytime.

And the REALLY fun part, bring your camera along and work your way through 3 different single light set ups specifically designed to show off our four legged models personalities. (yes there will be dogs!)

Walk away with some new skills, great fun images and a big smile because DOGS

Down and dirty Macro

with Aaron Harivel (OM-Systems)

Come and get down and dirty with us on our field macro workshop in Bright wilderness!
We’ll be taking you through how add and subtract light with flash, LED’s, reflectors and defusers and all the tips and trips you need to make small things into giant images!
We’ll have Olympus/OM System bodies and lenses for you to try, but please bring your own camera macro lenses, flashes, modifiers and mini tripods.

Impressionists of The Digital Age

with Jeff Freestone

Come and join me on a creative journey to find your artistic side and create images with a painterly look and feel to them.

Experimentation in photography gives you the licence to fail and have some fun. This workshop is all about trying something new to broaden your knowledge and the type of images you make whilst also bringing back some fun in your photography.

Participants will need a telephoto lens to produce the effect I will be teaching therefore a 70-200mm or 100-400mm is perfect.

Sports Photography Workshops

Circus Live Action Colour Capture

with Aaron Walker

Learn how to capture live on-stage action with circus performers, colour and dynamic movement. We will cover camera settings, composition, lens choice and get creative with angles.

Bright Camera Action

with Mark Watson & Nick Fletcher

Bright Camera Action (Mystic Jump Park) Dirt Jumping… Similar to last years workshop… this will be a more illustrative/constructive experience whereby we have more control over who and how we shoot. We can setup shots and ask riders to do ‘tricks’ etc. We will start the workshop with camera setup & ‘the basics’… ISO/ Focus modes / rear button focus, high frame rate, aperture v shutter priority v manual etc . We will ‘hopeful;ly’ finish this workshop using flash… we will place x3 ELB 1200’s on a single jump and give participants an opportunity to Hysync high Sutter speed flash images!

Heroes on the hero trail

with Mark Watson & Nick Fletcher

Heroes on the Hero Trail (Mystic Bike Park) – downhill mountain biking) will be a much more documentary/reactive experience whereby we will be shooting Downhill riders going fast and in Jumps/Berms/Wall ride. At this stage I do NOT plan to use flash as it will likely be too much of a pain on the mountain … however I might change my mind on this (Nick… your thoughts… getting x3 ELB 1200’s on mountain???… otherwise I can just demo flash if we want to go there…how flash and slow shutter speed can be used together to simultaneously pan & freeze action.

Freeze Frame – Sled Dog Mountain Adventure!

with Jo Howell

Join award winning pet photographer, Jo Howell, on a trip up a mountain to experience the excitement of the world of sled dogs. This small group hands on workshop will get you right in the thick of the action. Learn how to capture the motion and the personalities of these awesome arctic breeds and see them do what they love most… run!

With exclusive access to the Howling Huskys dog sled team, we will not only have the chance to photograph them sledding (either on snow or wheels depending on weather), but also get up close and personal to create portraits that show off their unique personalities.

Bring your camera, some warm clothes, waterproof shoes and your sense of adventure. Come away with a greater understanding of these amazing working dogs and how to bring out their best through the power of photography.

Guaranteed to be mush mush fun!

Acrobatic Mixed Lighting Forest Cocktail

with Aaron Walker

Learn how to light, direct and capture stunning acrobats, balancing in the woods with portable lighting.

Become super heroes by mastering the elements.

with JP Ronco

For BFOP 2023, I am going back to my roots and offer you this unique opportunity to get my best tips to capture live event.
After more than 10 years, capturing sporting events all over the world, I will share with you how to adapt your photography skills to challenging environment and changing weather.
Make you photos stand from the crowd by mastering your environment and your element.

Landscape Photography Workshops

Sensational sunsets

with Tom Putt

Join me for a sensational sunset at The Cathedral on Mount Buffalo, one of my favourite locations in Australia. I’ve ordered THE BEST weather for a sensational sunset so we get all the good shots. I’ll teach you the art of choosing the right location, capturing light for sensational landscape images, lens choice, and the art of seeing more than just one photo from a location.

PLEASE NOTE – you need to drive yourself to this location (1 hour from Bright). There is a 30mins walk uphill to this sunset location and you will be coming back down in the dark. A reasonable level of fitness and a good sense of balance is A MUST. Head torch is mandatory.

Get all the shots you want

with Tom Putt

Join me on Mount Buffalo for sunrise as we explore all of the gorgeous landscapes in and around the Mt Buffalo Chalet. This workshop is aimed at those who want to learn more about SEEING all the possible photos on offer in a landscape. I want to teach you how to SEE more than just the obvious. Learn how to explore the landscape and see all of the different compositions available – many of which you perhaps miss already! An unmissable workshop for those who want to learn to take BETTER landscape photos.

Landscapes within landscapes...

with Cam Blake

Landscape photography doesn’t have to be all wide angle lenses and grandiose scenes of the world we live in. Did you know you can create stunning landscape images by using a longer focal length, such as a 200mm or 300mm lens?

Join me on this workshop as we put away the wide angle lenses and shoot for the landscapes within landscapes (you’ll be amazed at what you see). We will focus (pun intended) on the landscapes that you simply cannot capture with a wide angle lenses. We will focus on capturing the light and interests that catch our eye with the use of only a longer focal length.

Participants will need to have at least a 150mm focal length lens. It can be a tele-focus zoom lens or simply a fixed focal length of greater than 150mm. This workshop will help you start to see the landscapes within landscapes and allow you to capture images that many other simply don’t see.

The workshop will be hosted on top of Mount Buffalo with vistas and more intimate scenes to fill our frames.

Why aren't you shooting Black and White landscapes???

with Cam Blake

Everyone loves colour, but why the heck aren’t we regularly shooting black and white landscape images anymore? It was fine for the legends of landscape photography like Ansel Adams and Michael Kenna to shoot black and white landscapes, but we seldom capture images without colour these days… why? Let’s capture BFOP 2024 with a difference…

This workshop is designed to get your “mono-mojo” back with a session on Mount Buffalo to capture some breathtaking images without colour.

The 2023 BFOP B&W sessions were a massive hit, where many were amazed at how beautiful their black and white images can be when executed with correct and thoughtful processes in the field.

Come and join me as we capture some of the stunning beauty of Mount Buffalo… in black and white.

Make Your Water Sing - Water Movement Workshop

with Adam Dyson

Do you want more out of your waterfall photography? Join Adam at Ladies Bath Falls. Learn how to create the perfect water movement, enhance your composition and much more. Easily the best waterfall workshop at BFOP 2023!

The Best Waterfall Workshop at BFOP!!

with Adam Dyson

Do you want more out of your waterfall photography? Join Adam at Ladies Bath Falls. Learn how to create the perfect water movement, enhance your composition and much more. Easily the best waterfall workshop at BFOP 2023!

BFOP Big Bad Bus Trip

with Chalie Brown

It’s back and bigger than ever, bigger mountains, more dramatic sunsets, better views……….well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but It is back and it’s great! Join Charlie on the big bad bus Trip up to Mt Hotham to view the mountain range from the Razorback across to Mt Buffalo at Dusk. A great photo opportunity with spectacular views and, of course, fun. 

"Photographing buildings in landscapes" Setting solid foundations

with Adam Edwards

Get ready to level up your building-in-landscape photography! Join Adam, for an exciting workshop where together we’ll unlock some secrets to capturing wonderful images that tell captivating stories. In this hands-on session, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for photographing buildings in their natural surroundings, ensuring stunning results.

Not so "Negative Space" - Building simple compositions that have impact

with Adam Edwards

Tired of feeling frustrated and disappointed with your landscape images? This one is the workshop for you “Not So Negative Space” Let’s ditch the confusion and overthinking and get back to the basics of creating captivating thoughtful compositions.

In this fun and engaging session, Adam will show you practical techniques to unlock the power of negative space and other compositional elements. Say goodbye to complicated rules and hello to simple guidelines that will improve your ability to create impact in your composition.

Let's Get Intimate!

with Jeff Freestone

Are you bored of taking the same wide angle vista scenes and want to challenge yourself creatively with your landscape photography. Come and join me for a workshop on capturing small scenes in nature with a focus on details rather than the broader landscape and learn how to work under any lighting condition rather than relying on golden hour for your photography.

Give your wide angle a much-needed rest and break out some other lenses to give your landscape photography a fresh new approach. Let’s get intimate in nature!

Film Photography Workshops

Expose Yourself

with Croydon Camerahouse

Participants will learn the fundamental techniques and processes involved in transforming exposed film into visible negatives. But first… we will photograph the beautiful surroundings of Bright, then it’s off to develop your film!

I will show you how to load your film and the developing procedure. Bring your own film camera for the workshop or loan one of ours. Film and chemicals for development will be included.

Solarplate Prints for beginners

with Ingrid Wood from MAPh

Solarplates are a simple way to transfer a photographic image onto an etching plate for printing. In this workshop we’ll prepare a solarplate using an acetate negative and then ink and print our images through a press. All materials will be provided, but you might like to bring your own black and white photographic negative on acetate (A6 size).

Constructivist Cyanotypes

with Ingrid Wood from MAPh

Constructivism was a Russian avant-garde art movement characterised by geometric shapes and modern industrial forms. In this workshop we will use light and simple chemistry to create stunning blue, constructivist-inspired compositions. The cyanotype process is cameraless, easy and fun with no photography experience required. Come with an open mind and willingness to play. *Not recommended for any participants who may be pregnant.

Art & Abstract Photography Workshops

Learning the artist's approach

with Paula Mahoney

Paula Mahoney is an Australian artist who uses performative photography & portraiture, often featuring herself and female family members in her work. In this workshop, she will discuss her approach to making a series, from storyboarding to editing, and the various stages she goes through when putting together a body of work. Everyone is asked to bring an object or change of clothes to the workshop that is important to them. Together we will discuss the concept and meaning of those objects, clothes and the use of the self, before developing ideas and translating them into frames in the surrounding areas. There is a mix of landscapes to inspire you – open fields, woodland, wild bush, a river and a felled wasteland.

DUALITY (art wank)


Denis is bringing an exciting new technique to the bright courthouse this year. Combining actual painting (with actual paint) and light painting, this fresh take on light painting will have you questioning what is real and what is fluff. After a massive exhibition this year ( Denis will be creating these images live for your eyes only.



Things are going to get silly in the forest this year. Denis is going to set up stations amongst the trees so you can wiggle, swoosh, zoom and skip yourself into a frenzy, lighting up the night. The milky way may even make an appearance (we sent a nice email to the big fella). Whatever happens you know it’s going to be a hoot.

How, What and Really?

with Bruce Moyle

A lot of people pick up a camera as a hobby, for a challenge, even a creative pursuit but don’t go past the literal of what is exactly in front of them. Sometimes you need to just use the camera subjectively “wrong” to discover something different.

This workshop is very casual and is my go to type of photography for mental health, relaxation and sometimes less importantly beautiful abstract images. The best thing is that it’s super simple and really fun and you might just see the world slightly slightly differently afterwards.

Experi-Mental as Anything

with Vicki Bell

Capturing the curious and abstracting of the macro, micro, and marvelous world around us. This workshop is all about the freedom to be creative and just have fun, exploring and combing techniques such as multiple exposures, macro photography, motion, movement, crazy lighting, and more. In this space, we will be creative and spontaneous and see what exciting imagery we can imagine.

Green Screen Photo Art

with Karen Alsop

Learn how to shoot on a green screen, and how to composite a subject convincingly into an artwork. Karen Alsop of Story Art will take you through the step by step process of:

  1. Setting up the lighting and the background for ease of extraction
  2. Shooting using her popular method, replicated by Christmas Wish photographers around the world
  3. Extracting from Green in Photoshop
  4. Compositing the subject into a new scene with consistency in lighting, perspective and scale
  5. Adding realistic shadows and finishing off the artwork.
  6. This class is interactive. Bring your camera so that you can shoot the subject and take home your green screen photo to edit. You will be provided with files to download and to practice with yourself at home.

Ask me anything! Photoshop Hacks and Tricks

with Karen Alsop

Want to know how to get rid of halos, add realistic shadows, change lighting, use generative fill, change colours, or simply anything else in the realm of Photoshop? Karen Alsop will take all your questions and show you how to achieve what you previously thought was impossible, within Adobe Photoshop. 

All things Photo Comps! 

with Photo Collective

If these are the questions you have been asking yourself when entering photography competitions then this is the workshop for you. We will delve into what photography competitions are looking for and how to critique your own work to select the best images to enter. We will sharing some ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge on how we judge and critique the work we see coming through the awards we run at Photo Collective, and how you can put your best foot forward in other award programs too.

There will then be an opportunity for you to show your own work, get direct feedback on your photography and receive knowledge and skills to develop further as you move through your photography journey.

Food Photography Workshops

Moody Foodie

with Emily Black

Styling and mood are the make or break of appealing food and product photography.

Emily will show you how to make the most of the available light, utilising the aesthetic of organic, natural tones to create moody and luxurious images.

Food Glorious Food!

with Karl Ludik

We’ve done the whole Covid-lockdown-zoom-food thingy, now lets do it in person. Practical, hands-on, real food, aroma filled room, photography. We’ll explore the brief, the set up, the lighting, the pimping of the food and how to make the reader of the image salivate.

Ideal for the foodie who wants to elevate their food shots or those who want to improve their still life images.

Street, photojournalism & commercial

A Photo Essay in 2 hours. Thats Un-possible

with Chris Hopkins

With a nod to the traditional picture stories of W. Eugene Smith and Don McCullin, Chris Hopkins will guide participants in the art of the Photo Essay. In a hands on, interactive approach, participants will be set a predetermined time to get out amongst the township of Bright and produce a series of images that form an identified visual narrative of their own choosing. Where to begin. Constructing a visual narrative. Targeting an audience. Concepts and ideas. Sequencing. A positive and supportive workshop, the participants will be encouraged to explore these fundamentals of visual story telling. The work will be evaluated in a face-to-face review with advice and commentary from Chris so having the ability to present your images on a laptop is essential.

Getting down and streety

with Adrian Whear

The workshop will start with a short introduction before we go out to photograph at 4-5 pre-selected locations around Bright, where the group will discuss ideas on approaching the scene for better street photographs. We will approach the scene by looking for different angles, for example be prepared to get down low, low, oh so low to shoot from the ground

Bright's Magical Night

with JP Ronco

For this workshops, we will glance through Bright’s streets and capture from sunset the metamorphosis of Bright, from day to night.

We will capture together the magic of the night in our little town where mystery await us at each corner.

Lights, Cameras, Compositions!

Prepare for the BFOP Fireworks

with Dani from Camerahouse

Yep, you read that right! BFOP is putting on a fireworks display and we are running a workshop on how to photograph it. 

Join Camera House’s Fireworks Workshop and you will have front row access to BFOP’s first Fireworks display. In this workshop we will guide you through what equipment you will need, the best settings to use, low light focusing and more and best thing is, it will be fresh in your mind for the big show kicking off at 8:30pm!

Print workshop

with Keren Dobia

Print Workshop with Keren Dobia (Epson Ambassador) and Kayell Australia. 

Find the world of printing overwhelming or to technical then come along and learn from Epson ambassador Keren Dobia as she takes you through her step by step approach to editing for print enhancement. 

Keren will walk you through her process of image analysis, test printing, print enhancement and making the best paper choice for your work. If you need some tips and tricks for your own image enhancement and preparing fine art prints then you can be sure to take away some valuable information. See how important paper, image and screen profiles are to your print outcomes. We will have an Epson printer and Eizo screen on display in addition to some of Canson’s fine art papers.

The Big Bright Photographic Rogaine!


This is impossible to describe but here goes. It is a team event, where you don’t need to be a team. It’s a photographic event where you don’t need a camera. And there are prizes!! Join us for a two hour photographic exploration of Bright where we give you the map and the locations and you find the inspiration. Come as a team of three or we’ll put you in one. We’ll arm you with a Fuji Instax (think old school Poloroid) and start the clock running. Its photographic rogaining for want of a better description. And who knows, there may be some really odd things out there for you shoot…..

Mystified by Manual

with Charlie Brown

Are you still mystified by shooting on manual, still confused about aperture and what all the fuss is about, wondering what the heck does the shutter speed do and why it matters and how about all that talk about different lenses and the difference they make to your image, well wonder no more…… Charlie is running workshops right here in town to demystify all of the above and more, hang out with Charlie for a few hours and the world will seem like a much simpler place…….Well the photography world anyway:)