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  • 11th-13th October 2024
  • Probably the best photography festival in the world
  • Access to tons of photography workshops (see full description)
  • Attend live presentations
  • Social events and evening entertainment
  • This ticket can be upgradable to a Golden Ticket allowing early access to book your workshops (Golden Tickets released in 2024 by ballot)
  • The BEST social photography experience money can buy
  • Only 500’ish tickets available

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With over 2500 photography workshop spots planned over 3 days and 35+ of Australia’s best photographers and instructors, BFOP 2024 is set to be bigger, better, crazier and more chaotic than EVER!

We’re delivering you workshops in nearly every genre of photography that you can think of alongside our presentations stage AND special events from our brand sponsors. If you’ve been to BFOP before you don’t need to read on, just hit the ‘checkout’ button and be done with it because you know this will be the weekend to define 2024!

New to BFOP? Well what can I say? Hmmm. BFOP was born out of the love of photography, an incredible community of professional photographers and a deal Nick Fletcher made over a large quantity of beer. We’re not your regular photography festival, ditching the stuffi-ness and stuffing-it with good old fashion fun and shenanigans whilst learning nearly anything you want to know about photography from Australia’s best. Our on-stage presentations from our instructors run from sunrise to sunset, and we have over 100 workshops to choose from delivered by our team of over 30 instructors. The evenings are all about community, with booze filled shenanigans, prizes, games and a whole lot of fun on the main stage of BFOP HQ.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase your BFOP 2024 ticket
  2. Prior to the festival bookings you will be granted $350 BFOP dollars using your email address as your voucher code. Please note that this is lower than the $400 in 2023 however workshops will also reflect lower prices so all things should be even-steven. This allows us to make additional workshop bookings more affordable whilst not affecting how many workshop you can book with credit.
  3. Around August 2024 the schedule for the festival goes live with workshop times/costs (workshop are typically between $40-200 “BFOP dollars”… you have $350 of them. Most people manage 4-5 workshops with their credit). Please don’t wait until the schedule goes live to buy a ticket as we always sell out months beforehand.
  4. Mid September 2024 workshop bookings go live. This is where you log onto the website and book the workshops you want to attend over the weekend using the $350 of BFOP credit you received with your ticket purchase.
  5. Late Sept 2024 – Once everyone has had a chance to book their workshops using the vouchers, you can top up your bookings with real dollars if you want to jam more into the weekend.
  6. October 11-13th 2024 – Registrations open on the Friday morning and the festival kicks off just after lunch with workshops and tons of presentations on the main stages (open to all ticket holders) as well as social shenanigan evenings!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Strictly 1 ticket per person. If you are buying a ticket on behalf of someone else please ensure you are logged into THEIR account as changes will incur a $25 fee (this took us days to sort out last year).
  2. This ticket will give you entry to BFOP 24 and provide $350 credit to purchase workshops at the event. We do not guarantee access to any specific workshop or any individual instructor. As your mum said “you get what you get and you don’t get upset”. Tickets do not include accommodation, food and beverages, transport or any other costs associated with your glorious weekend away.
  3. We reserve the right to change the date, cancel the event or put the event online. In these cases we will offer a refund on the ticket price if you do not wish to attend the rescheduled / online event. We will not refund accommodation or other costs. Do not book accommodation until closer to the event date. There is plenty of accommodation in Bright during October!
  4. Many of the activities involve an element of risk. While we try to minimise the risk, we are outside, often in National Parks and often moving across rugged terrain sometimes in the dark. We also photography bicycles, skateboarders, motorbikes, Tom Putt and fire eaters – all of which could hurt you.  By participating in BFOP you recognize there is a risk of injury and your equipment may be damaged. You also agree not to hold the organizers liable. You will be asked to sign a waiver prior to attending, no waiver, no play. If you desperately need a copy before committing to your ticket email
  5. Tickets are non-refundable. If you cannot attend you are able to transfer your ticket until approximately 1 week prior to workshop bookings going live. This will incur a $25 transfer fee. Matt and Nick organize this fesitval in their spare time and don’t have the bandwidth to refund or resell the ticket for you. Think of it as a concert ticket.
  6. Did we mention not booking accommodation until close to the event?
  7. There are always seven rules.
  8. Just kidding… this time there are 8
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