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How does a BFOP ticket work?

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  • 1st July 7pm - Tickets go on sale

    Tickets to BFOP 2019 go on sale July 1. Tickets are $155 for the weekend and include access to all presentations in the main marquee as well as $500 credit to book onto workshops with our team of photography instructors. Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions as BFOP tickets are strictly 1 ticket per person and are non-refundable. There are also presentation only tickets available for $55 which does not include any workshops but does grant you access to all presentations in the main marquee over the festival. When you purchase your ticket the voucher code will be emailed out (looks something like this: bfopcghj7n2p)

  • 1st August - Workshop schedule available on website

    With so many instructors, brands and people involved the schedule is the hardest thing to get right for BFOP but we know you need time to plan so we anticipate having the schedule loaded onto the website for you to download on the 1st of August giving you over 3 weeks to plan your BFOP experience.

  • 25th August 7pm - Workshop Bookings Open using BFOP credit

    This is your opportunity to use your $500 credit to book onto specific workshops during the festival. Workshops range from $50-$300 depending on their duration, logistics and complexity and it’s up to you how you would like to ration your credit.


    -Workshops are booked on a first-come-first-served basis so be prepared with a back-up, even 3rd and 4th choices as some workshops book out incredibly fast.

    -Once a workshop is full, it’s full so don’t count on all of your friends being able to book onto the same workshop

    Be sure to make the most of this booking window to use your BFOP dollars because as of September 8th we open up the remaining workshop places to cash bookings.

    On this day your total purchase has to be less than $500 or you can’t check out (e.g. $501 will simply error on you as it exceeds your credit)

  • 8th September 7pm - Additional workshop bookings open

    On the 8th of Sept we open any remaining workshop places to those who either want to buy them with a mix of BFOP credit and cash or those who want to buy them outright (i.e you have $50 credit so you can top it up with $50 cash to book a $100 workshop).

  • 20th September 2pm - Let the Festival Begin!

    The festival kicks off from the Bright Brewery at 2pm with a pep talk in the main marquee! Visit the BFOP desk in the front courtyard to register (anytime after 1pm) and get your BFOP wristband for the weekend!

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