BFOP “Back to Bright 2021” Pre-Sale

$10.00 inc GST

OCTOBER 8th-10th 2021


By purchasing this pre-sale ticket you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the description below and promise not to moan later on that you ‘didn’t know’ or ‘didn’t see them’. If you’re having trouble finding them then please contact us and we can send them across… THAT’S how important they are.

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So BFOP Digital 2020 was a pretty cracking success in our books. We hated not being able to get to the motherland in high country but we had so many familiar faces (and plenty of new ones) to give us the feels. 2021 is promising to be a much more ‘normal’ year and we can’t wait to get to Bright in October to celebrate “BFOP 2021 Back to Bright!”. The dates will be Friday October 8th to Sunday October 10th 2021!

Now in 2020 no one expected Covid to kick us in the rude parts but it did. In 2021 we aren’t expecting Covid (or mutated flying murder hornets) to repeat that nut-kick but you never really know these days do you? Do we’re planning BFOP 2021 like it’s 1999 but we of course have a backup plan so PLEASE READ THE POINTS BELOW BEFORE PARTING WITH YOUR PRECIOUS $10!!!!


We know everyone is super keen to get back to Bright for the 2021 festival and we are super keen to start planning. Planning takes a ton of time so these pre-sale tickets are your spot in the queue to get your hands on a REAL ticket when they go on sale next year. 2021 festival tickets will be $175 inc GST total, so if you buy a $10 pre-sale ticket now you will only spend an additional $165 inc GST on your REAL ticket new year… so why buy a presale? You get to skip the internet melt-down when ticket sales go live next year, you’ve already got your spot in the queue 🙂


  1. Don’t book accommodation in Bright yet!
  2. With this ticket you are buying the right to buy a ticket to the festival, not a ticket to the festival itself.
  3. The full price of a Festival Ticket is $175 and we’ll credit the $10 you’ve spent on this ticket.
  4. This ticket is non-transferable (mainly because we don’t want to create a scalpers market 😊). We also won’t refund you for this ticket unless you provide a death certificate or we cancel the festival. Remember it’s just little old Matt and Nick running the festival and we desperately need to cut down on the admin…
  5. If Covid is being a dick again, then we’ll hold an online Festival and this ticket will give you the right to buy a ticket for that Festival.
  6. If you ignored rule 1 and we end up running the festival online then you promise not to whinge to us.
  7. There are always seven rules.