Valerie Sparks presenter at Bright Festival of Photography


Valerie Sparks is very different to the rest of the BFOP team. Valerie is famous for her huge scale works. Her larger images are bigger than my living room, in fact in some cases her works have been turned into entire living rooms. What she produces often looks like landscapes but they are so much more than this. She creates virtual worlds from real photograph,s but the way she stitches together different image components creates a beautiful but slightly disconcerting pictures. She also experiments with new techniques incorporating 3D data. She is a scholar of historic images, and has won a number of important awards for her works including the Bowness Photography Prize. Her work is in a number of collections including the National Gallery of Australia, The National Gallery of Victoria and the Monash Gallery of Art. Valerie will be offering BFOPers a different workshop to all our others. She won’t be telling you how to take photos, but she will be talking about how she thinks about photography and touching on how she approaches her works. This workshop will be for those of you who are looking for much more than “I shot this at f4, 1/200, ISO 200”. If you are new to photography then Valerie may not be for you, but we know for some of you Valerie will be the highlight of the Festival.

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  • BFOP 2019

    With BFOP on the up-and-up we are now ready for this epic talent to impart her wisdom on our BFOP’ians.

  • BFOP 2018

    Again no disrespect to the 2018 festival but Valerie has been hung in the National Gallery of Australia, The National Gallery of Victoria and Art Bank

  • BFOP 2017

    Valerie was way too high profile for our little festival in 2017… seriously though she had just won the William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize for 2016.


THE CREATIVE PROCESS - Fine art photography

Valerie is a truly amazing artist who has won Australian photography's most coveted prize. Her work has filled entire houses. She produces huge prints 6 metres wide. Her atmospheric landscapes are actually painstakingly created composites of imaginary lands. Join her as she talks about how she think about her work, shows some of her prints and describes her creative processes This is not a practical workshop but it is a chance to get a window into one of Australia's most creative and successful photographers. If you are not sure where to take your photography then this is an essential workshop.