with Nick Fletcher

This workshop is focused on how to use a single flash to create dramatic sports images. It is a foundational skill and in many ways teaches you much of what you need to know to do much more complex flashlit outdoor sports shots. It is a simple technique which creates images that look wildly different to a traditional sporting photo shot without flash. We can introduce blurred motion, dramatically darkened background and surreal lighting effects. We are focusing on a very basic set up with a simple $60 speedlight mounted on a basic camera. What’s more we are using the most challenging sport photography situation to demonstrate that you can still produce great results even with a pretty unskilled athlete. In this case we are using a small child riding a mountain bike slowly. In fact, so slowly  that one of the shots is effectively taken indoors! However, by using a number of techniques we’ll produce an image that has speed and drama. We’re then going to walk through the edit of these images. Firstly in a simple Lightroom edit and then in a much more complex Photoshop edit where we focus on colour and contrast in a more sophisticated way to produce the type of image that gets used in commercial advertising. We then invite you to go away and practice the technique (in doors perhaps shooting your cat) and bring the images back to our critique session later in the festival.

This workshop is best suited to Intermediate and Advanced photographers. You will ideally be able to operate you camera in full manual mode. If you want to go away and practice the practical elements then you’ll ideally need a camera, a wider lens (50mm on full frame or less) and a flash of some sort. Access to a small child a bicycle also would be helpful.

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