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An introduction to Better Birding

AN INTRO TO BETTER BIRDING with Karl Ludik from Olympus We all know that birds photography can be a hugely rewarding and yet rather frustrating past time. Unlike Matt, they just don’t like to pose. So this course will hopefully eliminate some of that frustration by looking at the gear you’ll need, the settings that …

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Advanced Coffee on Olympus

ADVANCED COFFE ON OLYMPUS with Aaron Harivel from Olympus Join us for an Advanced session of our popular Coffee With Olympus. Let us step you through how to unlock the potential of your camera by going in-depth on ket functions and features. We will help you understand the key features of your E-M1 and E-M5 series cameras …

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Building Confidence in Portraiture

BUILDING CONFIDENCE IN PORTRAITURE with Jess Shepherd Learning tips and tricks on how to connect better with your model to help break barriers and in the end, create better imagery! Create confidence in yourself, and your model so that you can both work together towards stunning and easier photos.

Sports Image Critique

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY CRITIQUE with Nick Fletcher Does what it says on the tin. Ideally these will include images taken after the “How to be a one flash sports Rockstar” session. Don’t be a afraid we are very generous in our approach.

Newborn & Maternity Photography

NEWBORN & MATERNITY with Anne Scott-Virtue (White Shutter) With covid putting a huge dent in our ability to get professional photographers to the right place at the right time to capture precious moments it pays to have a little bit of DIY knowledge up your sleeve. Join Anne Scott-Virtue as she takes us through everything …

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Show us your Street Photos!

SHOW US YOUR STREET PHOTOS with Adrian Whear Wanting to get some feedback on your street photography? Street photography ninja Adrian Whear will be asking for submissions to critique, helping you to get your shots to the next level!

Keren Dobia Headshot for BFOP Australia

The Perfect Studio Selfie

THE PERFECT STUDIO SELFIE with Keren Dobia Join me on a live shoot where I will share my thought process and demonstrate how I conceptualise, create and light a stylized environmental portrait with an emphasis on in camera craft. The session spent with me will be informative, enjoyable and stimulating and will grow your own …

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Aerial Photography – The INS & OUTS

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY – THE INS AND OUTS with Tom ‘Fancy Pants’ Putt Want to get into Aerial Photography? Want some tips on what to look out for? Camera Settings? Drones? Planes? Helicopters? Then this is the place to be!

The Cam-Cam tour of Tassie!

CAM-CAM TOUR OF TASSIE! with Cam Blake Over the BFOP weekend Cam Blake endured sunrise rain-storms, blistering cold winds and a few pints of beer as he trekked around Tasmania to bring you incredible sunrises and sunsets. We’ve bundled these sessions together in this course so jump on in and do the Cam-Cam with Cam …

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An introduction to studio lighting!

An introduction to studio lighting! with Jean-Pierre Ronco In this workshop, we will recreate studio photography images with different sources of light. From natural light to complete studio lighting, this workshop will be fun for everyone by creating different mood in our image making. We will use the BEST of Bright’s local products to make …

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Coffee with Olympus

Coffee On Olympus with Aaron Harivel from Olympus Join Aaron as he takes you through the basics of the Olympus Camera System. Learn the menus, hidden features and get a great base understanding of how to use your Olympus Camera.

Remembering those moments

REMEMBERING THOSE MOMENTS – SHARING THE STORIES BEHIND THE SHOTS with Mieke Boynton Mieke’s travels have taken her to Iceland, Namibia, Patagonia, Norway, Morocco, The Kimberley and all around her hometown of Bright. Her award-winning landscapes and aerials are breath-takingly beautiful… but it’s the stories of how they were captured that make them truly come …

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Brights’ Hidden Photo Spots

BRIGHT’S HIDDEN PHOTO SPOTS! with Brendan Holland Sharing some of my favourite locations to head to around Bright for landscape images including MT Buffalo and some of the other valleys in the area. Will cover different times of day and seasons to head to certain locations.

Little kid – Big Horse!

LITTLE KID, BIG HORSE with Louise Sedgman They say never work with kids and animals. Clearly, I missed that memo! Do you want to know how I do it? Join me at BFOP via zoom and Ill show you how I create those special moments of connection, natural posing and communication with kids. How I …

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Tell-All Street Photography

TELL-ALL STREET PHOTOGRAPHY with Adrian Whear Internationally awarded street photographer Adrian Whear takes you through the process of finding the right locations to shoot, spotting the lighting and nailing high impact street photos.

Mindfulness in Photography

MINDFULNESS IN PHOTOGRAPHY with Jess Shepherd What is mindfulness? And how can I use it to help me achieve better images? Tune in to this workshop to take a breath (or many, literally!) and learn how to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings so that you can create more wholesome and kick ass …

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