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BFOP 2021 Festival Partners

Big brands making a big difference for our festival!

More Creative Abstract Macro Photography!

with Mieke Boynton

Do you love experimenting?Are you stuck at home looking for ideas for unique creative photos?”

Do you ever feel uninspired – as though you’ve lost your “pho-jo”?

Then this is the workshop is for you!

I had so much fun creating these abstract macro set-ups at home with materials from the supermarket, and I will show you how to re-create them by yourself! I will go through each set-up step-by-step with practical and realistic “how-to” guides for Frozen leaves/flowers, Abstract photography with coloured paper, and Oil, paint, and milk (mini-planets) abstracts. I’ll also show you some handy processing tricks!

Your First 30 Days on the Street

with Adrian Whear

So you want to try street photography but are a bit nervous about it all. No doubt, photographing strangers can be a bit intimidating at first. Street photography is challenging but it can be so rewarding. Join me as I share a few tips to ease you into your first 30 days out on the streets.

Creating Abstract Portraits

with Bruce Moyle

Learn to break the rules. Make a mess and generally find something completely unexpected. This workshop explores letting go of the regular ideas of how a “good” image is created.The techniques work for anyone at any skill level but having understanding of exposure does help. I’ll be using a model and simple backdrop to create in-camera abstracts and discuss whythis is something worth exploring, even if it’s not you genre or interest. Come have some fun and watch me make a complete mess (digitally).

LIVE from the Edge of the World!!!

with Cam Blake

Coming LIVE from the takayna/Tarkine for what is considered one of Australia’s most spectacular coastlines. Cam will be exploring and photographing the rugged West Coast of Tasmania and showcasing this coastline, and how to capture dramatic scenes. We will discuss compositions and how to use nature’s lines and features to create images that will draw in your viewers from foreground to background. This coastline is the first landfall as the roaring forties winds travel across the oceans from South America. Expect a dramatic start to BFOP!!

‘Virtual’ trip to the Falls Creek

with Charlie Brown

Join Charlie on his ‘live stream’ photo shoot in our beautiful high country. Charlie will be shooting at Falls Creek where he has shot a lot of his iconic, ‘Burnt tree’ Images, Participants won’t need to bring anything except their adventurous spirit and maybe a warm Gluhwein:)

Why did that photo get the $30,000 prize and why on earth is it better than my landscape shot?

with Anouska from the Monash Gallery of Art

Why did that photo get the $30,000 prize and why on earth is it better than my landscape shot? Well we’ve got Anouska Phizacklea, the Director of Monash Gallery of Art, to give you down-low on how the pre-eminent photography competition in Australia really works. We’ll get Anouska to talk about some of the recent winners and finalists and what makes them so special. And of all people Anouska should know, she has judged the prize for the last four years! This should be an absolute treat, with a chance to really get behind some of Australia’s best photography and understand what high-end photographic competitions look for.

By The Line

with Denis Smith

I am looking forward to sharing my recent “By The Line” project with you. How it came about, some technical aspects of the process and what the future holds for the project. This is a deeply personal one for me, I don’t normally have projects that I keep personal, but this is a cracker.

Refining the Mess (Abstract Editing in Photoshop)

with Bruce Moyle

Learn how to minimise and contain an abstracted image to bring clarity and story/emotion. I’ll be taking one or more images from the workshop (creating abstract portraits) and refining them in photoshop. This workshop is more about finding the soul of the work. We will discuss techniques and ideas. The process will be free flowing and could range from really simple to some advanced techniques depending on how the image editing flow. Let’s have a conversation about creating, experimenting and art


A Circus Photographer's Creative Process

with Aaron Walker

A deep dive into learning what the creative process involves when creating your own personal photography projects. We will look at how the final images were conceived, the visual research and idea development that drove the concept forward, the collaboration involved, all the pre-planning, test shoots, reviews and how the final shoot was set up and captured, alongside the technical aspects of the image. This workshop will provide insights into how to start and continue your own creative process within your evolving photography practice.

Photo: Jasin Boland. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

On the Film Set with Jasin Boland

Most people don’t realise that on every film set, there is a motion stills photographer poised to capture those unmissable moments.
They must be silent, invisible but are absolutely crucial to a production.
And not all shoots take place in a cozy indoor film set. From the icy peaks of Mt Everest to the dry sands of Namibia, Jasin Boland’s career takes him all over the world capturing the action for some of Hollywood’s biggest productions.
You may not know his name but his work speaks for itself in those movie posters so familiar to so many of us.

Join us to chat with Jasin, to hear what takes place after “Lights. Camera. Action!”

Nikon Ambasador

What’s inside your camera gear?

with Croydon Camera House

Our onsite technician Andrew has seen a few changes since he started repairing cameras in 1989. Andrew will spend an hour showing you what is involved in repairing film and digital cameras and lenses. What can and can’t be done and what you can do to keep your gear running smoothly. How are your camera and lenses made? Are some brands better made than others? If so, why? Andrew can be brutally honest so be prepared if you don’t want your gear to be insulted. Do you want to clean your own sensor? Andrew will show the dos and don’ts

Food, the Next Steps

with Karl Ludik

For those interested in food photography, yes, I’m at it again, but with a difference. For those who haven’t witnessed my bad dad jokes and culinary skills before, I’ll recap the basics before exploring some advanced lighting techniques to compliment the mood of your images and we’ll look at plating techniques to lift your food photography to another level. This course is for all who love the lens and the spatula. 

Honey I Shrunk the Pets

with Karen Alsop

Remember that classic movie “Honey I shrunk the kids”? The plot involves the story of an inventor who accidentally shrinks his children to a quarter of an inch with his electromagnetic shrinking machine. Join Karen Alsop, Photoshop master, as she shrinks her pets Buddy the dog and Muffin, Cookie and Latte the Guinea Pigs, to the horror of hubby Stuart who will end up holding the miniature animals in the palm of his hand. 

This workshop will be entirely live, and interactive. You will see the shoot in action live and have the opportunity to ask questions throughout. Karen will then take you into Adobe Photoshop where she will teach how to extract the photos of the animals, and placed them into the palm of a hand realistically adding shadows and manipulating the light. 

LIVE from The Nut!!!

with Cam Blake

If Cam hasn’t been blown off the island from the nights before sunset session, he will be up early with you all capturing the sunrise from the quaint township of Stanley on the NW coast of Tasmania. Stanley is home to one of the state’s unique geological features, a giant NUT!

Some would say you’d have to be Nuts to get up this early, but Cam will be there. We’ll discuss how to capture the early morning light and using this light to your advantage to create striking morning images. We’ll discuss topics such as Dynamic Range and your Histogram readings; how to make sense of it all and use to your advantage.

Colour Design in Photography

with Aaron Walker

Exploring colour theory, colour spaces, colour harmonies, the psychology of colour. How to use colour correcting and colour grading in your post production workflow.

Black on Black Equine Natural Light Portrait

with Louise Sedgman

Join me at BFOP 2021 while I attempt to live stream from an indoor arena near you, with ‘Oaky’, the very spunkalicious, black and white drum horse stallion! He’s big, hairy and beautiful! Guaranteed to satisfy your horsie cravings and perfect for the slightly more advanced photographer, I’ll show you how I photograph horses against a black background. Using natural light, you’ll learn how to pose a horse in multiple ways, to create interesting and dynamic portraits. 

Let’s Get High And Levitate For Halloween!

with Vicki Bell

Get Ready To Be Scared As I Set Up A Fun And Simple Halloween Photobooth To Create A Levitating Witch! This Is Super Fun Activity To Enjoy With Friends, Family Or As A Promotional Theme For Your Business And Social Media! Workshop 2 Will Follow Through The Basic Photoshop Techniques To Complete The Illusion.

By the Seat Of your Pants

with Mark Watson

Watto’ shoots fast and loose; Whether big mountain skiing or the global launch of a Harley Davidson. During this workshop you will get an insight into the creative chaos if his mind and discuss everything from what happens when it all goes bad to how to ‘polish the absurd’ (you know what we mean). He will discuss basic ‘action sport’ shooting technique, camera settings and adding flash/strobe to a scene. If he doesn’t waffle on too much about “when the boat flipped upside down” or “carrying a rifle for safety” then you will hopefully learn about progression of a concept … sometimes in minutes, thinking on your feet, safety on a shoot, working with talent, making the most of a bad situation and most importantly how to deliver killer pix. As usual with Watto, this session will be jam packed with killer tidbits you’ll want jot down, in between a hundred laughs. Grab a beverage and tune in for a lesson on the world of fast-paced happy-snapping.

How to shoot your children Oops!! I mean dogs and NOT kill them!

with Craig Wetjen

How do you get you dog to sit still in front of your camera?  I suggest hire Nick as your dog handler.HAHAHAHA!  So, you ask what camera to use or what camera settings do I choose when photographing my children, I mean your dog.  I keep mentioning children but are your puppies not your children as well and they say never photograph children or animals.  I will give you some of my tips and tricks that I have used through out the years in photographing your best friend and getting the most enjoyment out of the photoshoot. Oh and we might try some action tracking photos. What camera setting will give you the optimum image quality? What camera gear do you really need? Plenty of treats for the doggie

In The Yard

with Denis

My backyard looks like a cross between a wild jungle, hoarders nest and construction site most of the time. I am venturing out and am going to show you how, even locked down, you can make some magic. This will be technically challenging workshop for me, but even with wobbly footage sketchy wifi we will give it a nudge.

Taking the Ordinary and Making it Exraordinary

with Tom Putt

Join me on this mini adventure – cause I only have 5kms to do it in – where I take you out in my fancy pants to capture the what looks to be mundane coastline of the Mornington Peninsula and make it look AMAZING! Just like me!!

The World of Drones

with Cam White

So you’re thinking about buying a drone? Cameron will give you the low down on the options in front of you, the licences you will need and where you can fly. He’ll show you some practical examples of the what the drones can do and the footage you can expect to shoot. He’ll teach you everything you need to know to enter the world of drones.

Composition for Landscape Photography

with Mieke Boynton

Are you a passionate landscape photography who wants to improve your shots? Or maybe you’re a mad-keen wildlife/portrait/action photography who wants to understand the landscape genre better? Come along to this practical and useful presentation by Mieke Boynton and she’ll explain the reasoning behind some super-helpful compositional guidelines while dropping a swag of pro tips to improve your photos… and be wowed by her award-winning landscapes at the same time!

Understanding Still Life

with Karl Ludik

So, you’ve spent weeks at home wishing you could just get out and photograph something. Well, why not make the most of lockdown by revisiting the age old genre – still life. In this course we’ll look back to the origins and history of the genre and discover some themes and common threads that make it more interesting than you first imagined. Then we’ll look at recreating what we’ve learned, and if you can endure the poor humour and my attempts to be an academic, I expect you’ll find a new interest and enthusiasm for capturing the ordinary. 

LIVE from a Tulip Farm – with a lighthouse

with Cam Blake

After leaving the stunning NW coastal region of Tassie, Cam will move along the coastline to visit the famous Table Cape Tulips Farms for an afternoon shoot amongst the flowers.

This location should be in full bloom as the tulips ready themselves for Springtime sales on the mainland. Add to this the awesome backdrop of the Table Cape Lighthouse, Cam will discuss how shooting in the afternoon where light isn’t the best, isn’t the end of the world if you have interesting topics to capture. We’ll also touch on how you can use shallow depths of field in your shots and still tell an interesting story with your images.

Shooting High Resolution Images

with Heath McKinley, Sony Australia

Let’s talk about shooting High Res!

In this interactive session Heath from Sony Australia will talk about how to successfully shoot high resolution images for print & online delivery.

Heath’s previous experience working in one of Melbourne’s premier print labs will help explain the pros & cons of working with high resolution images.

So if you’re keen to know how to get the maximum quality & maximum resolution out of your camera join in or this fun & informative session.

Let's Time Travel to Bangladesh

with Adrian Whear

 In 2019 I had the opportunity to travel to Bangladesh, one of the least visited countries on the planet. For me, this became one of the most incredible travel experiences of my life. Let me show you why, and in the process share some tips on photographing chaotic scenes.

Mindful Nature Portraiture

with Jess Shepherd

Allow your heart to guide you on this epic journey of photographing striking portraits in stunning locations! In this workshop you’ll learn how to calm yourself pre shoot, techniques to set a safe and inviting space for your model to let their guard down, I’ll talk you through what I’m inspired by in an outdoor location, how to get the best out of your model and much much more! Equipment – Just your fine selves, a pen & paper, and a smile 🙂

I’ll set aside a little time at the end of the workshop if anyone wants to share imagery for any help/feedback too.

One man, one camera and hundreds of KM's of bushland (Victorian Waterfall Adventure)

with Adam Dyson

Have you ever wanted to visit every waterfall in Victoria? Well, this is the workshop for you. This winter I challenged myself to shoot 100 Victorian waterfalls. So, I didn’t end up shooting 100 (so in theory I failed) but I spent hours trekking through dense forest, standing knee-high in freezing water and photographing some of the most amazing scenery I’ve ever seen. Join me on a Victorian waterfall adventure. 50+ waterfalls in 1 hour.

Ask Nikon & Intro to NX Studio

with Ross Hooper

Ross Hooper, Nikon’s Professional Services Marketing Executive, is on hand to provide plenty of tips and tricks on getting the most out of your Nikon camera and to answer any of your questions. From SnapBridge and menu settings, to Nikon products and how to best care for your photography equipment, there is no question Ross can’t attempt to answer.

The Voice of Light

with Denis Smith

I am very proud to talk you through an incredible project I am working on. We are developing a program helping veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD. Art can be an incredible form of therapy and we are using photography to help create a voice for those struggling to find a voice.

Intro to Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras + Q&A

with Heath McKinley, Sony Australia

Join Sony Digital Imaging Product Specialist Heath McKinley as he introduces the line up of Sony Alpha cameras.

Whether you are new to mirrorless cameras or a seasoned veteran, Heath will break down the features & benefits of the Sony Alpha system and will also have plenty of helpful tips along the way.

Join in for this Q&A session where you can learn how to get the most out of the Sony Alpha range.

The Sales Spiel without the Selling

with Croydon Camera House

Sit down with a couple of the team and chat for an hour about the latest in camera gear. What’s going to be the next big thing? What will we see before Christmas and into next year? Our staff get to see all the latest gear as it comes out, they get training from the various brands, and they see what our customers are using. So, what do they choose and why? Here about the whole process from camera and lens selection, accessories, classes, and from taking the photo to the printer

Leading Lines & Light Trails of Ben Lomond

with Cam Blake

As we make our way across the north of Tasmania, we will head up high for Sunset. The second highest mountain in Tasmania awaits as Cam will shoot the Ben Lomond National Park. In this session we will incorporate leading lines in Landscapes and using the days last light of the day to create some cool light trails of a very iconic scene (Jacobs Ladder) from up high in Tassie. This session will concentrate on how to improve your already impressive photograph location by adding in other features or effects into your scene.

Food Photo Follow On

with Naomi Sherman

In this hands-on workshop, I will virtually take your hand and walk you through the individual steps to style and shoot a series of beautiful cupcakes. Using under $25 of easy to source ingredients from the supermarket (and no cooking), I will show you how to style and shoot four different cupcakes – with leftovers for you to wow me with your own unique creation. Follow along at home as I talk you through the process, including camera settings, to get your very own hero image. Shoot alongside me and together we will create something stunning.

Please make a note of the list of ingredients that you will need to have ready at the start of the workshop:

1 piping set, including two bags

8-pack of chocolate mini muffins

1 pack of buttercream mix

1 tin or jar of cherries

Blackberries, fresh or frozen and defrosted – about 6

Dark chocolate



Cocoa powder

One small chocolate treat of choice (e.g. fun-size flake, malteaser etc.)

One bright colourful child’s lolly, such as a freckle or a jelly baby

Hundreds and thousands

Mint sprigs or other green garnish

Vegetable peeler

Small sifter (if you have one)

Two black or dark surfaces: Craft paper, baking trays, black fabric etc. to be used as the backdrop – try to use something that can be easily wiped clean in between cupcakes.

A selection of small bowls to use to keep your mess contained.

A damp cloth.


A tripod is handy for this shoot.

I will be using a 50mm lens, so a nifty-fifty, or your kit lens will be perfect.


Before the workshop starts, prepare the following:

Remove the paper wrapper carefully from four of the mini muffins.

Make the buttercream frosting to the instructions and divide it in half.

Leave one half vanilla and add cocoa powder to the second to make it chocolate.

Insert the piping tip with the round end in one bag and fill that one with vanilla frosting

(Propping the bag in a glass can make this easier)

Insert the star shaped piping tip in the other bag and fill with the chocolate frosting.

Pour the hundreds and thousands into a small bowl.

Set up your backgrounds next to a source of light, such as a window.

Make sure you have all of your items laid out nearby so that you can follow along with me.


Virtual trip to Mt Hotham

with Charlie Brown

Join Charlie on his ‘live stream’ photo shoot in our beautiful high country,

 Charlie will be shooting on the way up to Mt Hotham, looking back across the layers of Mountains back towards Mt Buffalo.

All About Z Baby!

with Adrian Bloink

Join Nikon Australia’s National Training Manager, Adrian Bloink for a product talk that will delve into the the key specs and features of the Nikon mirrorless range. This product overview will provide you with a basic understanding of the system and is perfect for anyone wanting to gain an insight into the difference between the Nikon DSLR and Mirrorless range. It has been designed for those curios to learn more.

Shooting the KTM Rally

with Nick Fletcher

Join Nick while he gets waaay too excited about motorbikes. He’ll be talking about the practicalities of shooting one of Australia’s largest off road motorbike events. Photographing a big sports event is hard enough but imagine if you had to sleep in a tent, ride 3,500km on an off road bike and keep ahead of 200 Dakar wannabe’s…..And don’t worry, there will be plenty of pictures of people crashing their brains out…including Nick.

Get your Geek on!

with Aaron Harivel

The world is moving quickly and camera technology is no different.

So we’re here to guide you through what’s out there and how it will benefit you as a photographer.

Join Aaron from Olympus as he takes you through the latest camera developments and innovations that are guaranteed (Read: Mostly…) to help you take your images to places you’ve never been, and results that will make your friends jealous.

  • Live Time/Composite: Makes capturing moving light a synch!
  • Live Neutral Density Filters: Controlling creative long exposures without physical filters
  • Face and Eye detection: What it’s actually doing, and how to get the most out of it
  • In camera focus stacking and bracketing: No need for slider rails anymore!
  • In camera computational shots: Capturing higher resolution images (but that’s just the start!)
  • Pre-capturing images: You’ll never miss the shot again. Regardless of what you’re shooting!
  • Subject Detection Auto Focus: Let the camera do what you might miss!

Fire in the sky’s sunrise session

with Cam Blake

After BFOP 2020 where Cam spent 1hr talking to you all in the rain, this year is different. We will head to the beautiful Bay of Fires Coastline in NE Tassie. Today session will be about just getting you out of bed!! Come on, two days and you haven’t got out of bed… We want you outside with a coffee and breakfast ready to watch the day start with us over this stunning coastline. Red lichen, granite rocks and turquoise waters… or it will be raining again!

We’ll discuss how getting up early, to your location and being prepared can get you THAT SHOT!

Working my Lightroom Magic!

with Tom Putt

A follow up session from my outdoor workshop where I’ll be editing the best from the shoot using my SUPER DUPER Lightroom Techniques. Edit your photos in under 2 mins each! All with your fancy pants on!

Ugly Beautiful

with Naomi Sherman

In this fun food photography challenge, join me as I show you how I style, shoot and edit a food that is typically considered ugly and hard to photograph. This dish was voted for by you, and my followers, as the ugliest food to photograph. I will take this ugly dish and transform it to something beautiful right before your very eyes, walking you through every step of the way. I’ll then show you how I go about photographing the dish, the elements that I look for and the settings that I use. Finishing up, I’ll walk you through my editing process where we take the image from wow to omg, including how to create and save your own presets. Learn easy tips and techniques that you can apply in your day-to-day food photography, and understand the role that styling can play in making any food, even ugly food, a knockout.

A Peek Beneath the Surface

with Matt Krumins

Join Matt Krumins and peek beneath the oceans surface as he talks all-things Underwater photography. This session is perfect for those who want to laugh as how much gear Matt’s broken in his career or for those who are looking for ways to experiment with underwater photography. Love Finding Nemo? You’re going to LOVE this.

Pally on Black Equine Studio Light Portrait

with Louise Sedgman

My second workshop will feature the beautiful Palomino Pony mare, ‘Spirit’, who is the golden child of equine posers and LOVES having her photo taken. 

Also for the slightly more advanced photographer, and using a black backdrop again, but this time using studio lighting to create dramatic equine portraits.

I’ll begin with chatting about safety around horses and equine body language, posing horses (different poses to the other workshop) and using props like jewellery etc. I’ll also show you how I use portable lights with modifiers to create moody and dramatic effects as well as the camera gear and settings I use, and info on prepping a horse for a shoot. All valuable information when working with horses or pets of any kind.

Peculiar Portraits

with Julie Kimpton

Who ever said never work with kids, animals and fire hasn’t been in lockdown for 200+ days.  So I say, grab your camera, hairspray, lighter, kids, bubble friends, costumes and let’s play.
This lighthearted session will have you creating some seriously silly, fun pics, laughing out loud and experimenting with cool in camera features.
We will play with ambient light, speedlights, multiple exposure, wide angle lenses & throw in some fire, water, pets, & a bubble friend or kid.
Join Julie Kimpton from Nikon Australia ….. for some home grown, add water and multiply, fun photography.

Advanced drone lesson: Top 5 things every drone pilot should be doing.

with Cam White

You’ve mastered the basics of drones, but what next? In this advanced drone lesson, you’ll be able to take your drone skills to the next level and get an insight into the commercial drone industry. Outback adventures in your 4WD, selling a city penthouse or capturing an event from the skies is right here at your fingertips. 


We’re finishing on a high! Tune in to see where we end up!

with Cam Blake

After a long slog, plenty of km’s, a few beers and lack of sleep, Cam will end BFOP close to home, but still on a high. You’ll have to tune in to see where we end up.


Your Street Photographs

with Adrian Whear

Send in your street pics for some constructive feedback on how to improve your street photography. This is not a session where I talk for an hour and you listen, this will be an interactive session where the audience will be invited to contribute their thoughts on each photograph. Email in your images for critique to awbfopstreet@gmail.com

Waterfall editing for superstars. From meh to wow!

with Adam Dyson

This workshop will include my full post-production process in 3 difficulty levels. Beginner: Lightroom importing, processing and export. Intermediate: Lightroom importing, processing, photoshop clean up/effects and exporting. And Advanced: Lightroom import, processing, photoshop clean up/ effects, colour enhancement/refinement, dodging and burning, orton effect, sharpening and more. No matter what your post-production experience, let’s make every image POP!

Printing your Photos for Display - upsizing, sharpening and finishes

with Tom Putt

Join me in the World’s Best Landscape Photography Gallery where I take you on a tour of the gallery and show you the different finishes we print on – Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Metal and Acrylic Prints – and the benefits of each. I’ll show you how to resize and sharpen your photos so they print AMAZINGS. Just like me with my fancy pants on!

Shooting Families with Tiny Humans

with Jess Shepherd

Keen to let those cooped up little sproglets run amok in nature and get some cracking shots while you’re at it? Tune in to this family portraiture workshop to learn new ways in getting the best shot in your favourite outdoor locations! We’ll chat about what to get inspired by in an outdoor setting, what kind of light is best, how to frame and place your subjects and much more Equipment – Just your fine selves, a pen & paper, and a smile 🙂

I’ll set aside a little time at the end of the workshop if anyone wants to share imagery for any help/feedback too.

Beautiful Bin Chickens in Multiple Exposure

with Chris Dalton

Join Chris Dalton, Nikon Professional Markets Manager as he discusses using Multiple Exposures to capture images of birds at his local lake.
Using techniques to turn moving subjects into flowing shapes, even the common Ibis can be seen as an object of beauty.
Multiple Exposure techniques shown here are all in camera and you need not have any experience with shooting Multiple Exposures.
You will not need to have your cameras with you, however it could be advantageous if you would like to follow along.

Trick Or Treat With Basic Photoshop Techniques

with Vicki Bell

In This Super Fun And Scary Workshop, I Will Introduce You To Basic Photoshop Techniques To Complete Our Halloween Levitation Theme.

We Will Cover The Following Tricks And Treats: File Importing, Layers, Layer Masks, Layer Adjustments, Spontaneity And Surprise.

Big Budget Idea, Grocery Budget Reality - Creative Portrait Lighting

with Keren Dobia

How do you become one of Australia’s most famous portrait photographers? You spend months planning and crafting your shots. You spend big bucks dressing elaborate sets and you sit with ideas and let them stew in your creative brain until they form into magical concepts…
So what does BFOP do? We give Keren Dobia (renown portrait artist) just hours to plan for a creative portrait shoot of her partner… and best of all us BFOP’ers get to choose the props she can use from around the home or Woolworths! Planning time? Nope. Big budget? Nope. Creative stewing time? Nope. Let the games begin!

Cinematic Treatment and Colour Grading in Photoshop

with Keren Dobia

In this workshop photoshop superstar Keren Dobia is going to take the image she shot on her Saturday workshop and guide you through the colour grading process to give it a truly cinematic look. Does the thought of tackling colour grading make your brain hurt? Us too but Kez knows how to make this info stick to the inside of your skull so tune in and take your shots to the next level.

Let's get explosive!!!!!

with Jean-Pierre Ronco

In this amazing photography workshop, we will attempt to compose a commercial photo shoot in a studio environment using speedlite flashes, studio flashes and light painting. We will get creative and hopefully achieve a spectacular photo. Why explosive??? For this workshop, we will use a can of Bright brewery’s Pineapple Dream Nitro Milkshake Ale, a recalled product due to its explosive characteristics… Yes, I still have one of them…

Sunset Wedding Shoot

with Anne Scott-Virtue

Join us in my back paddock for what will (hopefully) be an epic golden hour bridal shoot! You will be watching over my shoulder being able to see what I’m capturing live and how I interact with my clients. Get the opportunity to look through my viewfinder as I pretend I know what I’m doing.

Wedding & Portrait Feedback Session and Q&A

with Anne Scott-Virtue & Craig Wetjen

An interactive feedback session for wedding and portrait photography with Craig Wetjen and  Anne Scott-Virtue. Send us your best wedding or portrait shot and we will do a live photo critique on five chosen images. Entries close on the 4th Oct 2022 (email images to matt@bfopaustralia.com).  This will be followed by a Q&A session were we’ll do our best to answer all your questions.

Bright - A Day in Paradise 

with Jean-Pierre Ronco

How to spend a perfect photography day in beautiful Bright and surrounds. More the 16 hours to enjoy, explore and create… From sunrise over Mt Buffalo through amazing waterfalls, I will be you complete guide through Bright and its surrounding. We will explore some street photography around the town, bushwalking along the Ovens River and on the Canyon walk. We will enjoy the rural landscape of Wandiligong. We will be creative at sunset  in town and finally, we will have our head in the sky for an astronomy night in Porepunkah. So, jump on board and follow my step through the best of Bright and Surrounds.

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