The 2020 BFOP Festival

Probably the best photography festival in the world...

10-13th SEPT 2020 17-20th SEPT 2020

*See info further down for date change information


With COVID being a total dick this year we’ve decided to end the speculation, uncertainty and rumours once and for all! BFOP 2020 is going digital and that’s amazing news for many of you. Everyone, from every state, with every camera, with every interest can join our all-star cast of instructors for 4 days of incredible photography workshops, demonstrations, talks and banter!

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Competition details coming soon..... but you WILL need a BFOP ticket 🙂

Listen to the BFOP 2020 Update!


“For dramatic effect please read the following in a kind of ‘Braveheart’ voice… think BFOP groupie Lisa T after a couple of ciders”

This year BFOP is going full digital just to stick it to COVID! This year we take back the power and show the world that our photography community is big, we will show the world that we are strong, we will show the world that when times are tough WE ALL PULL TOGETHERRRRRRRR!!!!! 

“ok, back to Morgan Freeman narration voice now”

BFOP has a growing history of keeping things fun, light and of course full of completely avoidable errors and this year will be no different. We’ve made the hard decision to can the in-person event for the safety and wellbeing of not only our event attendees but also the Bright community. The fun part is even though that the event itself will be kind of similar to regular BFOP,  the entire weekend can be done in you’re undies and no-one ever has to know! With an Allstar line-up of instructors wracking their brains to turn what is usually a Zoom (read zzzzzzzzz) fest into an online extravaganza you’re going to have an absolute freaking ball! This is obviously a work in progress and we will continue to update this page as details become available but in the meantime here are some of the ideas floating around the group!

Remember the story-behind-the-shot drinking game of 2019? Or the Never-Have-I-Ever podcast? Yep, we will have a few evening panel discussions aimed at totally embarrassing our pros and who knows… we might even get some of our audience to jump up for some stories! This is the session best done with a beer in hand.

Grab your equipment list prior to the workshop and prepared to be dazzled by our instructors as they guide you step-by-step to creating incredible images with our Workshops-from-Home sessions in the break-out zoom-rooms!

Cam Blake loves to show off… especially his state of Tassie! Cam is dedicating his 4 days to traveling around Tassie on the ultimate adventure broadcasting shoots with tips and tricks from coast to coast! Good luck Cam lol.

Love a good challenge? Then love to hear it torn apart by a pro? This might just be for you! (kidding!!!). Our instructor team will be setting up mini-challenges throughout the weekend allowing you to load your results into the Facebook Group for a dedicated feedback and critique session!

Our instructors are bat-sh*t-crazy and have the most incredible stories about climbing mountains, swimming with the sharks, forgetting memory cards at weddings and that one time when … well I guess you’ll have to tune in to find out!

What would a photography festival be without some hard-core-photography talks! Our presenters cover of almost every genre under the sun and will be in the ‘Main Marquee Zoom-Room’ running presentations to tickle anyone’s fancy! This will be interactive, entertain and irreverent.

Yep… coming soon.


We’d all be aware that restrictions have been clamped down in Melbourne and are scheduled to be lifted (all things going well) on the 13th September…. Which means we are asking you to spend your first days of freedom sitting in on a digital festival… That seemed kind of crazy to us because I don’t know about you but when that date comes I’ll be out frolicking in the fresh air and cuddling kittens (not people… I’m still scared of them). So we’ve made the choice to move BFOP a week earlier. This means we can use BFOP to celebrate the end of lockdowns and we can more wisely use people time in captivity. 

NEW DATES 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th SEPT (same times)

Purchased a ticket before the date change?
We appreciate that this may no longer work with your schedules and so we ask that if you need to cancel your ticket that you reply to this email WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER (on your confirmation) or forward your order to with a request for a refund. We will process refunds same or next day. 

Thanks for your understanding team and for the majority of us, I hope that this works even better than the original date! 

Get your party hats on, BFOP is a week closer!!!