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BFOP 2022 Festival Partners

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Landscape Photography Workshops

Sunrise Views of the Alpine Valleys

with Mieke Boynton

There is something truly special about watching the rising sun as it slowly bathes a valley in light, and some of the best views of the Alpine Valleys are from the lookouts at the The Gorge (Bents Lookout) and Crystal Brook Falls lookout at Mount Buffalo. We will hope for some early morning fog in the valley, or some warm light to make the granite outcrops glow. Please bring a tripod and don’t forget the mounting plate!

Ultimate Secret Spot Mt Buffalo

with Tom Putt

Join Tom as he shows you a secret hidden location on Buffalo that is rarely visited by photography folk! Pick Tom’s brain or be lectured constantly (depending how you look at it) about landscape photography, composition and elements to make the Ultimate Landscape Shot. Looking for that unique shot that none of your friends have been to? This is the workshop for you!

Let's Shoot Waterfalls!

with Adam Dyson

Ever wonder how to shoot the perfect waterfall photo? Learn how to plan, compose and shoot the beautiful Ladies Bath Falls. Wet feet guaranteed!

No Colour, No Worries – Black and White Landscapes

with Cam Blake

In this work shop we will take the colour out of our landscapes. All cameras will have some type of B&W mode built in and in this workshop, we will be exploring this setting, and capturing images with interest and detail within the Alpine landscape. Many think that landscape photography must be all about colour and amazing saturated light. Black and White photography is the classic landscape genre, made famous by some of the Master of Landscape Photography like Ansel Adams, and in this workshop, we will look for those interesting tones, lines, and details, and still capture amazing light. Turn the colour off, and still capture beautiful images.

'Tape it Down' - Proper shooting with a wide angle lens!

with Tom Putt

Many people own one, but not many people know how to shoot with one properly.
Probably THE HARDEST lens to shoot with, I’ll show you how to get the best results from your wide angle lens as we set the focal length and gaffa-tape it down do it doesn’t move. What is the point of having a 16-35mm and using it on 35mm?

Come along and I will show you shots that look PROFESSIONAL AS!

Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) – Don’t overthink your Landscape Photography

with Cam Blake

So many times, I see my workshop guests getting frustrated and disappointed with their images as they struggle to understand Landscape photography. It doesn’t have to be frustrating, and in this workshop, we will set up some very simple ground rules to help ensure that all your photographs will get the best chance to shine. Landscape photography doesn’t have to be hard, and with all the YouTube and other online resources available it is very easy to get lost in what is right and what is wrong when shooting Landscapes. This workshop will simplify your process and guarantees you will improve your output of photographs. Keep it simple stupid 😊

BFOP Big Bad Bus Trip

with Charlie Brown

It’s back and bigger than ever, bigger mountains, more dramatic sunsets, better views……….well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but It is back and it’s great! Join Charlie on the big bad bus Trip up to Mt Hotham to view the mountain range from the Razorback across to Mt Buffalo at Dusk. A great photo opportunity with spectacular views and, of course, fun. 

Water Movement

with Adam Dyson

Water movement can completely change the way an image feels. Whether you are trying to show the water in full powerful flow or create a silky dreamy feel within your images. Water movement can make or break an image.

Food Photography Workshops

Food Photography Follow Along

with Naomi Sherman

In this hands-on workshop, I will take your hand and walk you through the individual steps to style and shoot a stunning food photo. Using supplied ingredients and props, I will show you how to style and shoot a sweet and a savoury dish and then challenge you to try for yourself. Be guided by me as I talk you through the process, including camera settings, to get your very own hero image. Shoot alongside me and together we will create something stunning.

Food Glorious Food!

with Karl Ludik

We’ve done the whole Covid-lockdown-zoom-food thingy, now lets do it in person. Practical, hands-on, real food, aroma filled room, photography. We’ll explore the brief, the set up, the lighting, the pimping of the food and how to make the reader of the image salivate.

Ideal for the foodie who wants to elevate their food shots or those who want to improve their still life images.

Make a Splash!

with Naomi Sherman

Let’s have some messy fun and learn how to capture an epic splash shot.

Working together in teams, we will help each other to shoot a perfect mess.

This workshop involves fun and games and is a great way to get extra hands to assist with achieving a scroll-stopping image.

Wanna make a mess with me?

Portrait Photography Workshops

The Golden Age

with Keren Dobia

Join Keren Dobia and step back in time to the golden age of Hollywood. Take a journey of storytelling through creative photographic portraits at the Mount Buffalo chalet. Explore Chiaroscuro and film-noir lighting techniques, to create depth and drama that will help to reveal your chosen story in your own photographic work..

The Stockwood Environmental Portrait Workshop

with Craig Wetjebn

Whether you like guns or not, the craft of the wooden gunstock is an artform in itself. Craig Wetjen’s Environmental Portrait Workshop with Bright local and world renowned gunstock artisan Roger Vardy, focuses on the details of getting the most for your photoshoot. This workshop will be a fun hands-on experience. Attendees will discover an understanding of the basic principles of lighting an environmental portrait with flash, the importance of photographing details and creating a connection with the subject.

Let your photography dreams take flight with a bit of history photographing a WWII aircraft!

with Craig Wetjebn

Craig Wetjen’s Environmental Portrait Workshop along with the folks of Precision Airmotive, focuses on the details of getting the most for your photoshoot. It won’t be every day you get the opportunity to take amazing images of a WWII P51 Mustang with guidance from environmental portrait photographer Craig Wetjen.
This workshop will be a close-up, hands-on workshop and aims at providing attendees with a greater understanding of the basic principles of lighting an environmental portrait with flash, the devil in the detail shots and creating a connection with the subject.

Shibari Performance Photography

with Kym Vulling

This is going to be EPIC and we are so excited to have this workshop.

Shibari is the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage or ‘tying someone up’, and it is going to make for a very different take on an artistic shoot.   By using body, movement, and rope,  Kym and her fabulous models will help you create some stunning images using constant lights.  Push your experience with the challenges of photographing performance, working with low and colored lighting, and capturing connection. Displaying a blend of event and portrait photography,  you should walk away with some magical shots and a better understanding of an edgy and historic art form. And for the avoidance of doubt, everyone keeps their clothes on ( mostly!)

Utilising light to Create a Mood

with Christopher Hopkins

Stimulating emotion from the audience is vital to successful story-telling. A successful image will always induce some form of emotion. Whether you want the viewer to feel empathy, laugh, cry or be shocked, the lighting used will be a key element in informing this emotion and sometimes, the only tool we have. This workshop will provide an instructive session on the concepts behind creating a mood with lighting. In this session Chris will identify and share the different techniques he employs as a photojournalist to create a look and to evoke a defined emotion explaining the why and how. The workshop will have a particular emphasis on utilising the  environment you find yourself in. Bring your cameras as this will be a hands on session!

Building a Relationship With Your Model

with Jess Shepherd

So picture this ~ you’ve got all the gear, a great location, and an even greater model… What now? In this workshop we’re going to talk about ways to help build confidence in both yourself and your model so that you can achieve the best work possible! Working together with a few models, you’ll have plenty of time to practise in a fabulous outdoor location.

A Step Back in Time

with Louise Sedgman

Step back in time with me and explore the fun that can be had during a styled equine portrait photo shoot. A gorgeous horse and handler dressed to impress in a beautiful period costume ready to wow the crowd. Located a short drive from Bright itself, with a stunning, special location as our backdrop.

I will share tips and tricks on planning a styled photo shoot, choosing props and costumes. Appropriate posing of horse and handler. Location scouting. Preparing the horse for the shoot and much more.

Perfect for the novice/intermediate photographer with a little knowledge of their camera, no horse experience necessary 

Carefree, Relaxed Family Photography

with Jess Shepherd

In this workshop we’ll talk about and practise ways to candidly photograph families with young children. We’ll learn interesting ways to make the session fun and keep it relaxed, joyous and something to remember for a lifetime!

"The Line"

with Denis Smith

Get your butt into the woods with Denis. We are going to light up some trees, some water, you and the stars! Ok, so the stars might light themselves, but we are going to mix light painting and astro, clouds be gone! Denis will also be putting some people under “the line”, a project making the connection between photography and mental health.

Light Painting Portraits

with Denis Smith

Join Denis at the courthouse for a short, punchy light painting portrait workshop. Mixing light painting and portraits is a stunning way to add something different to portraits!


with Louise Sedgman

It’s all about connection! Connection between a horse and their human as well as connection with you the photographer, in this fun equine/human portrait workshop. Located a short drive from Bright itself, with the stunning backdrop of Buffalo and surrounds.

 We will explore the unique relationship between horse and handler as well as the photographer and their subject. You’ll see what it takes to create those special moments of connection. It’s in these special, intimate moments where the magic happens, and a simple portrait becomes a masterpiece showing the beautiful bond that can develop between a horse and his person, or that which can be shared between a photographer and their subject.

I will share with you how I set the scene to create moments of connection. Posing and positioning horse and human that looks natural and uncontrived. Creating a safe space for horse and handler to be comfortable and encourage emotion. Communicating to build trust plus loads more!

Perfect for the intermediate/advanced photographer with good knowledge of their camera, no horse experience necessary.

Digital Art Workshops

Story Art Photo Walk

with Karen Alsop

This is a Photo Walk like none other! Forget gorgeous landscapes, creative abstracts, and intriguing street photography… On this photowalk you will learn how to capture elements and background plates for your own composite work. Karen will demonstrate how to take photos of strange things in public places, without worrying about the odd looks from passers-by. Capture elements with the best light, perspective and scale to utalise in illustrative composites. Shoot any time (not just in the golden hour!) and learn to love overcast drizzly days. Imagine the Impossible!

Diamonds in the rough

with Bruce Moyle

So you have a lot of images, but sometimes you are just not sure what to do with them. If you took No Sharp Images Allowed workshop you might even have a selection of just weird and odd images and no idea how to take them further. This is where the art of seeing beyond the initial pixels and feeling for potential comes in. Making choices, trying things out, throwing caution to the wind.

Post-production can sometimes make that image you would normally reject becomes something amazing (or just odd). We will talk through ideas, ways if thinking and I’ll demonstrate how I move from raw capture to something more refined.

Create a moving photo

with Karen Alsop

Have you ever wanted to create a moving photo (often called a cinemagraph) but haven’t known how to approach it? How do you shoot one? What settings? What apps can you use to edit them? How do you choose what is still and what is moving? And what do you do with them after you’ve created them?

Sports & Wildlife Photography Workshops

Motorbikes with Sports Photography Legend Mark Watson

with Mark Watson

Mark is one of the best sports photographers in the world. Just ask him. Join the living legend as we work with a couple of local enduro motorbikers on a beautiful local property. If you haven’t done something like this its a chance to get really up close and dirty with some amazing action. The property provides both a motocross track and some natural terrain through trees and rivers. This is aimed at beginner and intermediate sports photographers (as well as anyone who just wants this unique opportunity). Mark will talk through some core techniques (panning, freezing action, framing etc) and then let you cut loose with our talented riders. Note there is some risk associated with this workshop and we will require you to sign a liability waiver specific to this shoot.

Advanced Sport - Mountain Bikes at Mystic Jump Park

with Mark Watson

Mark will be gifting us with some of his more sophisticated techniques for shooting action. He’ll be working out of the new jump park at the foot of Mt Mystic, with two local athletes. If you haven’t seen these kids launch themselves twenty feet in the air its something not to be missed.. What’s more this will run towards sunset and we normally get light to die for in this location. And of course its a chance to spend two hours with the sex bomb that is Mark Watson. This is a more technical workshop where Mark will get into using strobes in daylight to freeze action. At the end you’ll be working with Mark to create the ultimate sports shot. At this point he’ll be bringing in multiple strobes and one constant light to create a truly iconic image in the post sunset light. You get to be Mark’s crew and really get up close to one of the best photographers in the world working at the edge of his comfort zone. Get the full on diva experience with  teddies thrown and bikes crashed. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. This workshop willl require you to be already very comfortable with managing your camera in manual mode and with the basics of flash photography. There is an element of risk to this workshop in that you will be working close to fast moving bikes.

Photographing a live circus act

with Aaron Walker

Here we will be learning about what equipment to use and which camera settings to best optimise your final images when it comes to shooting live action shows under stage lighting. How to create an engaging series of images using a range of camera angle and lenses. Learning how to anticipate the moment that you want to capture with fast shutter speeds, burst modes and a fine tuned sense of timing.

On location lighting to photograph circus artists

with Aaron Walker

A lighting workshop using simple portable speed-lights to blend with the ambient light on location. Photographing 2 circus artists (Handstands and Hula Hoops) in a surrounding forest/outdoor covered/shaded environment. We will be looking at lighting quality, amount and direction. Subject direction and how your camera settings can be used with your lighting settings to get the most from your equipment and your model.

Shooting animals without killing anything...

with Matt Krumins

Join Matt Krumins for a crash course in the lesser-talked-about techniques of wildlife photography. No more ‘shutter priority mode she’ll be right’ nonsense, this workshop is all about being prepared for the moment without over complicating it. Get his tips and tricks for shooting all types of wildlife as well as hands on shooting time! 

A Peek Beneath the Surface

with Matt Krumins

Ever dreamed of taking your camera underwater? Want to capture the 70% of the planet most people only ever dream to visit? Join Matt Krumins for an intimate… no wait, that sounds weird… a small group workshop exploring how to get started if you’re new and how to get over your next hurdle if you’re already doing it! He might even let you hold his precious underwater housing!

Abstract Photography Workshops

No Sharp Images Allowed!

with Bruce Moyle

Creating photos is all too often about being perfect. Come and find out how to break some rules and create some uniquely different portraits. Try living on the edge. Make something just strange, weird and for a short time a digital mess. You can always format your cards afterwards to hide the evidence.

Creative Abstract Photowalk

with Mieke Boynton

Abstract photography is one of the most creative and intriguing genres of photography. We’ll have a short theory session outlining the basics of abstract photography, sharing some ideas for abstract photos, and ensuring that everyone understands what their cameras are capable of. Then we’ll go for a photowalk together, experimenting with panning and motion blur, seeking out natural abstracts (bark, water etc), urban abstracts (architecture, angles etc) and – for those whose cameras will allow it – in-camera multiple exposures. Wear comfy shoes!

Street Photography

Bright Magical Mystery Tour

with Adrian Whear

The workshop will start with a short introduction before we go out to photograph at 4-5 pre-selected locations around Bright, where the group will discuss ideas on approaching the scene for better street photographs.
Then it is over to you, as we all take turns between being the street photographer and the ‘candid’ subject.
Whilst we walk between locations who knows what magical scene we may happen across. Keep your eyes and mind open and your camera at the ready.

If time allows, the workshop will finish at a cafe, where we’ll review the session and talk more street.
To make this even more fun I invite you bring along your most interesting hat, wear your brightest clothes or just surprise me!

Photo Essay – A Walk through Bright

with Christopher Hopkins

With a nod to the traditional picture stories of W. Eugene Smith and Don McCullin, Chris Hopkins will guide participants in the art of the Photo Essay. In a hands on, interactive approach, participants will be set a predetermined time to get out amongst the township of Bright and produce a series of images that form an identified visual narrative of their own choosing.  Where to begin. Constructing a visual narrative. Targeting an audience. Concepts and ideas. Sequencing. A positive and supportive workshop, the participants will be encouraged to explore these fundamentals of visual story telling. The work will be evaluated in a face-to-face review with advice and commentary from Chris so having the ability to present your images on a laptop is essential.

Everything else!

The Big Bright Photographic Rogaine!


This is impossible to describe but here goes. It is a team event, where you don’t need to be a team. It’s a photographic event where you don’t need a camera. And there are prizes!! Join us for a two hour photographic exploration of Bright where we give you the map and the locations and you find the inspiration. Come as a team of three or we’ll put you in one. We’ll arm you with a Fuji Instax (think old school Poloroid) and start the clock running. Its photographic rogaining for want of a better description. And who knows, there may be some really odd things out there for you shoot…..

Astro like a pro

with Matt Krumins & Nick Fletcher


Going to be honest, nearly every year we run BFOP I panic that someone is going to get injured in a dark paddock during this workshop. Or that we will get cloudy conditions.. or even worse, that we miss the fun and games at the BFOP marquee. So this year we are doing it a little differently! This session is going to be hosted in a dark room in the middle of the day! Bring your camera and  go step-by-step with Matt & Nick as they take you through a fool-proof way to get your best astro shots! We’ll do live demos on how to focus, how to nail your exposure and even how to light your foreground and best of all we will attempt this with 20 of you lucky ducks playing along with your own cameras! 

We will have lots of instructors with helping hands so no experience required! 

So I bought a flash...

with Karl Ludik

Everyone buys a flash at some stage in their photographic journey, but all too often its left in the bag as getting the shot right is just too hard.

In this course we’ll try and show you that its easy, fun and that it will bring life to your images.

The topics we’ll explore will be: Understanding the Exposure Triangle, Understanding that with a speedlight we’re now using two exposures not one

Taking my flash off the camera Modifying, Shaping and colouring light and as a practical, we’ll look at some uses in portraiture, still life, macro and social photography. This course is for those who say, “I’m a natural light photographer”, but would love to get their flash out and dust it off.

Wanna learn to print?

with Keren Dobia

Learn from Epson ambassador Keren Dobia as she takes you through her editing techniques for print enhancement. She will walk you through her process of image analysis, test printing, print enhancement and making the best paper choice for your work. If you need some tips and tricks for your own image enhancement and preparing fine art prints then you can be sure to take away some valuables information. See how important paper, image and screen profiles are to your print outcomes. We will have Epson printers and Eizo screens on display in addition to some of Canson’s fine art papers.

A Hectic Homage to the Dutch Still Life

with Vicki Bell

Take a trip in time back to the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th Century. In this workshop we will pay homage to the artistry of the classic still life painting with a delightful and mystical interpretation.
We will explore the intricacies of setting up a still life from design, camera craft, lighting and styling. All with a little twist… you’ll have a Whopper of a time and will come out very McHappy!

Bringing the indoor outdoor

with Jean-Pierre Ronco

During this workshop, we have partnered with a local business to realise a Country Style magazine like still-life shot. We will bring indoor goods to the outdoor and natural environment. I will give you my best tips to face this genre of outdoor photography and what make this imagery unique for your client.

Fashion Shoot at Bright Museum

with Jean-Pierre Ronco

During this workshop, we have partnered with a local business to realise a special fashion shoot. Listening our client brief, we will be able to create unique imagery in a very unique location. During this workshop, I will guide you through the backstage of this amazing adventure and we will learn and build our confidence to commercial photography.

Mystified by Manual?

with Charlie Brown

Are you still mystified by shooting on manual, still confused about aperture and what all the fuss is about, wondering what the heck does the shutter speed do and why it matters and how about all that talk about different lenses and the difference they make to your image, well wonder no more…… Charlie is running workshops right here in town to demystify all of the above and more, hang out with Charlie for a few hours and the world will seem like a much simpler place…….Well the photography world anyway:)

Stop the commotion with Stop Motion!

with Vicki Bell

Let’s animate! Vicki will walk you through a stop motion experience, step by step, stop by stop, second by second!

This is a great way to animate objects, people and more for your website, promotions and socials. Applying basic camera skills, software, lighting techniques and lots of imagination to bring the simplest of objects to life! 

Lose control with 35mm

with Jessica Schwientek (MGA)


Put down your DSLR, pick up a 35mm toy camera and learn to shoot and develop 35mm black-and-white film.

Ever wondered how much you lean on your camera functions? In this workshop we will rely solely on light and composition in our capture with fixed focus, aperture and shutter settings.

For those new to photography this will be a fun and easy workshop. For those experienced photographers this will be a challenge in reframing your thinking and testing your foundational skills.

After shooting a whole roll of film you will learn to process it by hand. This workshop encourages experimentation and embraces imperfections in photography.

Bright blue - Cyanotype

with Jessica Schwientek (MGA)

Did you know that not all photography requires the use of a camera? Learn early 1800’s photographic process the Cyanotype.

In this workshop we will use natural light and simple chemistry to create beautiful photograms of natural objects…in blue. The process is simple, fun and no photography experience is required.

Come with an open mind and willingness to play.

Feel free to bring along any flat-ish objects with transparency or medium-large format film negatives.

*Not recommended for any participants who may be pregnant.

Creating a Deliberate Photo Series

with Dr. Paula Mahoney

This workshop will use personal objects and the self as starting points to develop new approaches to making work. Everyone is encouraged to bring an object/s of importance and a change of clothes to the workshop.  Together we will discuss the concept and meaning of those objects, clothes and the use of the self, before developing ideas and translating them into frames in the surrounding areas. There is a mix of landscapes to inspire you – open fields, woodland, wild bush, a river and a felled wasteland.

Control Your Mood on Manual

with Matt Irwin

Matt is famous for his moody images of Melbourne. Join Matt at the beautiful Nine Steps in the forest and river below Mt Buffalo for an epic workshop. Matt’s going to teach you how to grab your camera by the scruff of it’s neck and really understand how to use manual setting to get the creative look you need, not what your camera wants. After a chillaxed session indoors Matt will take you into the grounds and help you control the feel you want from the image. Whether it is dark and moody or light and airy. This may be landscape shots in the forest or lifestyle shots in the stunning property. And you get to wander around one of the most beautiful bits of Victoria. For those who are very adventurous you can even get in the river.  A Manual manual, will be supplied. 😉

Using your Camera to be a YouTube rockstar

with Matt Irwin

While the rest of us where learning to make Sourdough bread, Matt was becoming a YouTube legend, getting hunderds of thousands of viewers watching him talk about all things Nikon. Using the gear you have already got (ok, with maybe a tiny bit more), Matt will take you from soup to nuts on creating for social media video. He’ll start with the basics, but he can go as deep as you want as he takes you outside and runs through a live shoot. 

Macro- The devil is in the details!

with Aaron Harivel


Join Aaron Harivel Olympus / OM SYSTEM Product Specialist and explore macro photography basics including- What makes Macro lenses different and what is the difference between close-up vs true macro? 
We then cover all hurdles encountered in Macro, such as depth of field, equipment limitation and then how we can overcome these challenges.

Topics covered:
What is Macro – Examining the 3 types of close-up photography

Overcoming Hurdles – What challenges to expect and how we get around them

Using the Camera and putting it all together – Practical shooting of insects, flowers and creative subjects using the different methods discussed

Hands on with DJI Drones

with DJI

Drones can bring a perspective that is unachievable in almost any other way. They allow you to participate in arial photography without the expense or logistics challenges of hiring an aircraft. They also allow you to create stunning videos of your surroundings. This workshop is taking place at a beautiful property in the Buckland Valley. It will cover which Drone to choose, how and where you can fly them and then it will get you hands on with the machines. It will teach you how to take off and land, hover, simple flight patterns, pre-programmed flight modes and some basics shots. Please note to attend this workshop you will need to have a compatible mobile phone and the DJI Fly App preloaded on it. We’ll send instruction on this but you will need a compatible phone (see menu below)

Apple: Requires iOS 11.0 or above: iPhone 13 Pro Max、iPhone 13 Pro、iPhone 13、iPhone 13 mini、iPhone 12 Pro Max、iPhone 12 Pro、iPhone 12、iPhone 12 mini、iPhone 11 Pro Max、iPhone 11 Pro、iPhone 11、iPhone XS Max、iPhone XS、iPhone XR、iPhone X、iPhone 8 Plus、iPhone 8

Android: Requires Android 6.0 or above: Samsung Galaxy S21,Samsung Galaxy S20,Samsung Galaxy S10+,Samsung Galaxy S10,Samsung Galaxy Note20,Samsung Galaxy Note10+ ,Samsung Galaxy Note9,HUAWEI Mate40 Pro,HUAWEI Mate30 Pro,HUAWEI P40 Pro,HUAWEI P30 Pro,HUAWEI P30,Honor 50 Pro,Mi 11,Mi 10,Mi MIX 4,Redmi Note 10,OPPO Find X3,OPPO Reno 4,vivo NEX 3,OnePlus 9 Pro,OnePlus 9,Pixel 6,Pixel 4,Pixel 3 XL

Mastering your Drone

with DJI

Drones can bring a perspective that is unachievable in almost any other way, but you already know this because you have already used a drone! This workshop is for those who already have a drone or who have some previous hands on experience.  You can bring your own drone to the workshop but we will have enough drones for everyone to fly. We’ll cover simple flight patters, pre-programmed flight patterns, framing your shot, focussing, master shots, waypoints, hyper lapse and quick shots. Please note to attend this workshop you will need to have a compatible mobile phone and the DJI Fly App preloaded on it. We’ll send instruction on this but you will need one of the following phones – open menu below.

Apple: Requires iOS 11.0 or above: iPhone 13 Pro Max、iPhone 13 Pro、iPhone 13、iPhone 13 mini、iPhone 12 Pro Max、iPhone 12 Pro、iPhone 12、iPhone 12 mini、iPhone 11 Pro Max、iPhone 11 Pro、iPhone 11、iPhone XS Max、iPhone XS、iPhone XR、iPhone X、iPhone 8 Plus、iPhone 8

Android: Requires Android 6.0 or above: Samsung Galaxy S21,Samsung Galaxy S20,Samsung Galaxy S10+,Samsung Galaxy S10,Samsung Galaxy Note20,Samsung Galaxy Note10+ ,Samsung Galaxy Note9,HUAWEI Mate40 Pro,HUAWEI Mate30 Pro,HUAWEI P40 Pro,HUAWEI P30 Pro,HUAWEI P30,Honor 50 Pro,Mi 11,Mi 10,Mi MIX 4,Redmi Note 10,OPPO Find X3,OPPO Reno 4,vivo NEX 3,OnePlus 9 Pro,OnePlus 9,Pixel 6,Pixel 4,Pixel 3 XL

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